Heather’s Spiritual Journey

Greetings everyone who has taken the time to come to my site and bless me with your presence. Everyone matters and I hope my writings in this blog will help another person on their path. Feel free to contact me.  Please let me know who you are and a little about yourself, such as your path when you contact me. I’m not looking for love, I’m very happily married.



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STARTED 10/5/10

this book was created for my inner musings, spell work, rituals and so forth


My path is my own with many twist and turns. Layers of beliefs put together in a hodgepodge. I started as a Wicca practitioner. Spell-work came easy to me but couldn’t agree with the god/goddess persona. I’ve always did divination with tarot decks. My first deck was Hanson Roberts. Moon and earth energy has always surrounded me. Flash forward a few years and my path led me to spirit guides. Goddess persona popped in here for a bit as I was drawn to Freya. Freya and the Norse mythology have always fascinated me. I’ve always prophetic dreams since I was young. Animals are drawn to me especially cats, feral and tame. This twist is very predominating in my belief system today. I’ve just incorporated into other things. Native American shamanism became something of interest to me. But again, some of their rituals didn’t fit me. Though shamanism is much of what I believe.. There is a lot with soul healing and astral projection. There comes another twist, spell-work comes into play again. We shall see where it goes.

Today my belief system encompasses ideals from the following pathways:





Natural Witch

Animal Work



Soul Healing

Moon cycles

Astral Projection


Let me break down the parts of these that I am drawn to.

Norse-being Scandinavia and Finnish in my origins, their stories and music resonate deep within me. Shamanism is a part of this. In a shaman’s point of view everything has a soul. Again, this flows with my belief in everything has a soul.

Celtic Shamanism-power animal totems and the 3 levels of the world. This is another thing that draws me

Druidism-the Sabbats

Natural Witch-pretty much defines me. Healing. Working with animals. Divination ability, intuition, spell-work, Sabbats

While I was discussing spiritual things with one of my mentors, we have put me in the lump of natural witch. That has a lot of the characteristics with what I believe in and throw in a few extras 🙂

On the next pages, I’m going to write some simple things that one of my mentors sent me. I’ve changed the wording of them as it pertains to me.


Casting A Circle Scenarios

 As we stand in our circle, let the arms of Mother Earth enfold us. Feel her warm loving touch. In her touch we feel all that is … around us. We can feel the oneness of all things. We call her to enfold us … to encircle us. In her arms we fear nothing, for everything is part of us.

We call upon the elements of Air. Spirits of the East. Let our thoughts be as
Air — clear and crisp. Swirling free, with no bounds. Whispering through the lonely canyons. Rising up to meet the sun.

We call upon the elements of Fire. Spirits of the South. Let our will rise within us like lava, radiating with energy and power, flowing down to meet the sea.

We call upon the elements of Water. Spirits of the West. Let our emotions be fluid as the tide, changing shape and form with its surroundings. Reflective as deep blue pools … passionate as the crashing waves upon the rocks.

We call upon the elements of Earth. Spirits of the North. Feeling it beneath
our feet, we draw strength. We send our roots down into her soil. Growing solid
and firm. Partaking of her warmth and security.

Thus we are in her embrace, wherein we are not separate beings … but one …
in total trust and total love.

Mark the North with salt or a stone to represent earth. Mark the East with your 

choice of incense to represent air. Mark the South with a red, orange or white
candle to represent fire. Mark the West with a chalice full of water to
represent water. Evoke the Lords of the Watchtowers, beginning with the North.
Go North, East, South, West if the spell is for invitation or increase, or
North, West, South, East if it is one of decrease or banishment. Describe a
circle in the air with your wand, sword or athame and salute each corner with

“Hail, Lord of the Watchtower of the North. I call upon thee to join my circle
and foresee my magickal workings. By earth, air, fire and water I call upon
thee. By the Law of Three, I call upon thee. Enter, Lord of the Watchtower of
the North and welcome.”

“Hail, Lord of the Watchtower of the East. I call upon thee to join my circle
and foresee my magickal workings. By earth, air, fire and water I call upon
thee. By the Law of Three, I call upon thee. Enter, Lord of the Watchtower of
the East, and welcome.”

“Hail, Lord of the Watchtower of the South. I call upon thee to join my circle
and foresee my magickal workings. By earth, air, fire and water I call upon
thee. By the Law of Three, I call upon thee. Enter, Lord of the Watchtower of
the South, and welcome.”

“Hail, Lord of the Watchtower of the West. I call upon thee to join my circle
and foresee my magickal workings. By earth, air, fire and water I call upon
thee. By the Law of Three, I call upon thee. Enter, Lord of the Watchtower of
the West, and welcome.”

You are now ready to do your spell or ritual. Ground power by lying hands
palms down on the ground and forcing the energy back, saying:

“The Circle’s open, the spell’s released.
Farewell, Lords of the Watchtowers. Go in peace.”


Centering and Grounding

When performing meditation, or preparing for a ritual or rite, often it
necessary for you to allow yourself a way to clear out any doubts or wandering
thoughts. This is called centering and grounding because this process is
approached in two separate parts. First, before beginning anything else, note
surroundings and make sure you are comfortable if you are planning to meditate,
and then steady your breathing.

Centering – Center yourself by slowly bringing you awareness inward. Since we
spend most of our lives focusing outward it may take some practice to become
comfortable with this idea. This is also the time when you have the wandering
thoughts those things that just pop into your head, like what to make for
dinner, the meeting you have next week, etc. The hardest part of centering is
letting these thoughts come for a time, then simply putting them aside to focus
on yourself and what you are about to do. It sounds easy, but think of it
another way how many times have you tried to fall asleep and couldn’t because
these thoughts kept popping into your mind. Same thing, only your goal is to
stay awake! Or at least, to relax enough for meditation but not fall asleep.

Grounding – Grounding is a two-part process: first to allow any lingering
negative thoughts to flow harmlessly away, and second to give yourself a
stable link while you are working. One way is to start by connecting to the
Earth through your feet. See it as a cord of energy from your body that reaches
down into the Earth, and a similar cord that reaches up to you from the Earth,
with the two cords weaving together. Through this cord allow any energy buildup
to drain down into the Earth, Knowing that it will be harmlessly dispersed, and
feel the stability of the Earth. This is also a major point to remember when
working magic: if you do not allow yourself an outlet for the excess energy you
have built up, it will stay with you. This is why many Witches cast circles
for magical workings; it has energy until released


My personal grounding and centering meditation

I’d like to share a few of my first grounding and centering meditations.

Take nine deep breaths, and visualize yourself against a huge tree. You feel the immense age of the tree. So much knowledge the tree has to share with you. Bark brushes lightly against your back; the wind picks up and moves through the leaves, ruffling your hair playfully. Birds sing their songs as you relax, a warmth moves through your body, starting with your toes and going to the top of your head. You slowly feel yourself becoming one with the tree. A babbling brook chortles, the sound growing faint as you feel the moisture in your branches. You slowly go down into mother earth, through the roots, feeling the cool dirt moving through you and around you. As you go deeper into the earth, you feel moisture flowing through your body nourishing your roots. You are deep in the earth now, you feel the Mother’s molten heat and it energizes you, helping you move through the dirt, mud, rock and tiny crevices. You release all your negative thoughts and emotions and give it over to Mother Earth and she recycles energy back into your roots and pores, filling you with her nourishment. You become aware of your body and make the long trip back to the base of the tree and to your physical body. Let go of all the bits of things that you don’t need or want as you move back through the rocks and dirt to your body. You become aware of your body slowly; feeling comes into your head all the way down to your toes. Rub your hands together or touch your face to make sure you are back in the physical world.

Now think of taking a stroll through this old forest. You hear the birds singing, crickets chirping, slithers through the grass, the wind through your hair and caressing your body, playfully dancing through the strands of your hair, tickling your arms and legs. Ancient trees stand sentinel, watching you with warmth and love. You hear the roar of a waterfall in the distance and you move purposefully towards it. After walking a bit, you see a beautiful waterfall and it’s the most serene place that you have ever seen. You walk slowly towards it, shedding your clothing. Finally you come to the water’s edge and step in and the water is the perfect temperature. You hear laughter all around you and hear splashing in the water. As you look out over the water, you see sprites and nymphs playfully splashing one another. They gestured towards you to join them under the waterfall. You walk under the waterfall and run your hands through your hair, letting the water cascade over your body. The water changes colors, like a kaleidoscope. First, the water turns a beautiful red, like a ripe apple, this flows from your root chakra, grounding your body as it flows over your skin. Next, orange, the bright orange of a tiger lily, and this flows from your sacral chakras (pelvic), filling your body with raw sensual energy. Thirdly, yellow, the color of tulips, this flows from your solar plexus chakra (stomach), flooding your body with optimism and humor. Fourth, green, the color of green grass, flows from your heart chakra, filling your body with compassion and understanding. Fifth, blue, the color of a serene body of water or the blue skies, flows from your throat chakra, giving you the ability to speak clearly. Sixth, indigo, the color of dusk, flows from your brow chakra or third eye, allowing you to see intuitively. Lastly, violet, the color of lilacs, flows from your crown chakra, giving you the gift of divine connection and communication.  You slowly come back to yourself as the colors slowly disperse and you take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Give yourself a touch on the cheek or a rub your hands together bringing you back into your body and connecting back with the physical world. Keep the feeling of contentment and basking in refreshing energy.


My spiritual name is EARTH or Earthwindwalker

I’ve also been called mystiquewolf, wolfwhisper, mystiquewolfmage.


All have spiritual meanings for me in different parts of my life. I think my name is ever-changing as I move through my twists and turns.


Wow, here it is 2013. My life has had a ton of twists and turns especially in the last year. Reading my past journals make me realize that I started down this path 3 years ago and things have come full circle in the last year with my community building with my Owl clan. I feel that great things are in the horizon and it centers on my clan and community. I’m gaining more confidence in my abilities as each day passes but it’s a struggle at times. Going from a very introverted person to the extrovert that I am now has been a whirlwind ride with some bumps and bruises along the way. I was a person who had very low self-esteem and my relationships had reflected that. Sometimes, I find myself falling back into old patterns and have to check myself with grounding and centering. It’s a never ending cycle.

Many of my clan doesn’t know my true self, much has remained a mystery but I open up more each day as our relationships have blossomed. Gebo, as one of my kindred says all the time. This not only involves the dealing with deities, my runes, but also with my clan, the present ones and the past ones. I give you Gebo and hope that sharing my true self allows you to trust and share yours. No judgments, no hate, just love and caring and standing by my family as this world goes crazy. Community is essential for what is coming. Something is coming, make no mistake. How it approaches can be interpreted in many different ways but transformation is the core of it. How we transform is really up to us and what we are capable of and what we strive for. We have many lives and each one we have to go through to get to enlightenment or ascension. Pure energy.

In closing, I would like to invite my clan, past, present and future to share with me your true self and I will do the same in turn. Your story will become my story and we will all become one. One unified consciousness with separate bodies and souls working together to make a brighter future.



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