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HTS 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 2

30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 2



Tonight, I started my ritual by cleansing my space with Sage, I moved clockwise and then smudged myself.

Herbal infusion of the bowl. To accomplish this, I was told to put the following herbs in the bowl and keep them in it overnight. I initially thought it would be 6 but it ended up being 9 herbs.

They were put the bowl in a clockwise pattern, starting with the 12th hour position

Lilac- draws protection spirits, faery communication, helps recall past lives

Yarrow Flower- courage, love, psychic powers, purification

White Willow Bark-  Lunar energy, water, and magic. Signifies transformation and rebirth.

Lemongrass- psychic powers, spiritual growth, purification

Jasmine-  Love, money, prophetic dreams, emotional inner peace and calm of mind

Rosemary- Protection, love, purification, healing, good luck, psychic development

Sweetgrass- Healing, peace, and attracts positive energies

Sage and Tobacco were put in the center of the bowl.

Sage- Purification, wisdom, and longevity

Tobacco- Healing and purification



Next, I played Gary Stadler Radio Station on Pandora and let the program choose what songs would be used. As I played the songs, I lay back down with the crown chakra touching the bowl and sent healing and psychic energy to the bowl. I felt tingling on my crown chakra and then put my hand on the side of the bowl.

Song List:

Breath of Love

Athair Ar Neamh

Keys to the Heart

After the songs finished, I laid face down with my crown chakra touching the bowl and my hands holding the bowl while I sent prayers  into it so that it would help the person who receives this with what they need.

I smudged the arm and closed the circle, thanking and acknowledging all who joined me in the ritual.





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Birthday Contemplations

Today on my 42nd year on this Earth, I have found myself contemplating on my inner goddess and basking in her wisdom. This morning, I had an emotional meditation and had several moments of clarity. As I walked outside in the early morning air, I heard the trees singing their ageless song and all the landvaettier were the chorus. The sunrise was amazing and I felt more alive than I ever felt.

The Triple Goddess spoke with me and shared her wisdom and  I felt very happy and at ease. Everything will be okay. Things will work out and the pieces will fall into place. They have been falling into place little by little as my birthday approached. Now one last thing that I’ve been grasping for and hope to gain this boon.

Tomorrow, I shall be in good company at the The Wandering Owl Discussion Group and after that there shall be a celebration with lots of laughter and happiness.

I press on and take one more step on this journey and see where it leads me 🙂

As always,

Earth Goddess



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Prelude to Darrow Dreamwalker

: The story starts with a dream…not a simple dream. Dreams never are. They seem simple on the outside until you follow the corridors to some unknown answer. I feel like I’m in a fairy tale where the only one who knows an answer is some witch in some old cave who speaks in riddles. I hate riddles. They dance around in your brain and taunt you with their secrets. So begins my story. My life has always been strange and different. My dreams are always popping up when I don’t want them to. But when they do, they replay until I decide to write them down or do something about it. Some people would call me a precog. I just call it my gift. Sometimes it’s a curse. You see my dreams give me gifts, different talents and I have no idea where they come from. This will lead me on a journey that twists and turns in ways I can’t even begin to imagine……

My story begins with a recurring dream. In this particular dream I am the “heroine”. I don’t know what my name is but I’m sure it will come to me. Sometimes I wonder if my dreams show my past lives. The reason is I have them in sequences. Once the dream manifests it keeps popping in and out of my consciousness. So in my dream I find myself walking to a house. This house looks like a museum, the kind of house that wealthy people own. How I can walk up there without tripping any alarms is a mystery to me. But I must be expected. Why else would I be here? The door opens up to show me a stiff butler. He’s the kind that will turn his nose up at the lower class. I hate that kind. He motions for me to enter and I find myself in a parlor one that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the Victorian era, flowered wallpaper prevails. A lady in a Victorian dress is sitting there waiting for me, drinking tea, in a stiff backed chair. She motions for me to sit down.

She said, “I have need of your services.” “What services?'”

“I’m talking your unique abilities of course.”

“I’m not for hire.”

“Oh everyone is for the right price. What’s your price?”

She seemed to know about my special talent and that scared me. I don’t make it public as a general rule. That sort of gift ends you in a mental health facility in a strait jacket

I said, “My price is to know answers. Why am I gifted with this ability?”

“Oh this is a fork in your path to knowledge. I need your abilities to find my son who was taken.”

I didn’t like the sound of this at all. It seemed very dangerous and secretive. I said, “By whom?”

“It’s a secret shadowy organization that causes things to happen. They are known for their insatiable desire to gain power by whatever means necessary. It extends beyond this world and threatens to destroy all worlds linked to this one.”

“What do you mean by other worlds??? I am only aware of this one.”

She laughed musically and my vision wavered for a minute and I glimpsed a radiant white light surrounding her. Her face was beautiful porcelain, pink lips perfectly shaped. Her ears were pointed. I blinked and her features reverted back to the grandmotherly look. She said, “Really my dear, is that the truth, because your eyes show me something different. If you are only aware of this world, explain your dreams to me. And your special abilities.”

“I’m sure there are other people who are better suited to this job. Perhaps you should look into other worlds to find that person.”

“Let’s just say, you are the only one who I would trust for this job.”

“How can you trust me? You don’t even know me.”

“Oh my dear, I do know you more than you know yourself. But there is no time to speak of that right now.”

Jump to my real life now, I wake up from this dream. Thus continues the story. I’m getting ready to go to work and I see a limousine that is parked in front of my house. And my dream becomes real just like that.

This is my journey and it will twist and turn in ways that I cannot begin to imagine

copyright Heather Powers 2015

This may not be copied or reproduced in any way without my permission

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The Witch In You:)

As a child, did you ever make mud pies, but knew that your concoction wasn’t quite right until you added that special blade of grass or flower or berry on top?

“Then you know the care a witch puts into his/her brew and the painstaking importance of every last magickal ingredient in his/her spell”.

As an adult, have you ever prepared a meal for others and paid careful attention to the ingredients that you were using because you wanted it taste scrumptious along with being healthy?

“Then you have practiced a bit of kitchen witchery”.

Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen clouds that resembled an animal or a person’s face or some other object?

“Then you have divined like a witch”.

Have you ever as a child (or even as an adult ..) attempted to make one of those clouds disappear through the sheer power of your mind?

“Then you have practiced a little weather magick”.

Have you ever spoken to your pet as if they were human, or known what they wanted by simply observing their actions or the look in their eyes?

“Then you have begun to communicate as a witch does with a familiar”.

Have you ever felt sad and cried when something or someone you didn’t even know got hurt or died?

“Then you have experienced one of the many feelings of the empathic witch”.

Have you ever had a fortunate “coincidence” happen to you, or a project that seems to have flowed flawlessly, or written a book that feels as if it wrote itself?

“Then you’ve been introduced to synchronicity and the witch’s secret of aligning with the Universe”.

Have you ever had everything go wrong, or struggled to write even a simple sentence, or felt strangely down and out-of-sorts for no reason?

“Then you know the first step of the witch’s secret of how s/he knows s/he is *not* aligned with the Universe”.

Have you ever spoken a quick prayer for your safety or the safety of others?

“Then you have practiced one part of a witch’s protection spell”.

Have you ever wished it would stop raining and then the sun made a sudden appearance, or ever wished someone would just go away…and they did?

“Then you have touched on the powers of a witch”.

Have you ever been attracted to or studied ancient mythology and become familiar with names such as Zeus, Artemis, Aphrodite… Diana, Jupiter, Venus… ..Isis.., Horus, Bast… Freya, Odin, Thor… Brigid, Cerridwen, or Lugh?

“Then you know something of a witch’s pantheon and who s/he might be consorting with”.

Have you ever woken up refreshed and said “hello” or “good morning” to the sun?

“Then you have hailed and honored one of the many witch’s Gods”.

Have you ever gotten so angry that unwittingly whatever you were holding in your hand broke… felt your pulse quicken during a scary movie… found something so funny that you couldn’t stop laughing at until your sides hurt… or been on the tail-end of a “whip” at the roller skating rink?

“Then you have experienced a wee dose of raised energy”.

Have you ever planted a garden and firmly patted the rich dark soil around a seedling, sat by the heat of a fire and wondered what fire actually was, gone swimming in the ocean and felt its undertow grab at your feet, or listened to the howls of the wind before a storm?

“Then you have played with aspects of the Elements a witch works with”.

Have you ever “wow”ed at a sunset or sunrise, the largeness of the moon as it crests the horizon, the wrath of the ocean waves during a storm, or the early morning mist in a forest?

“Then you have felt what a witch feels all the time”.

Have you ever daydreamed of making love in the grass under a full moon, or in a field of lavender under a blazing sun, or in the water of a pristine lake under a canopy of twinkling stars, or on the beach in the rain during a thunderstorm?

“Then you have dreamed of what a witch does”.

Have you ever sunk your teeth into a ripe peach or melon, savored the flavor of mint or butter pecan ice cream, or enjoyed a slice of freshly-baked apple cinnamon pie?

“Then you have tasted the sweetness of a witch’s Goddess”.

Have you ever marveled over how the crystals grew inside that geode, or over the intricacies of a seashell’s form, or over the infinite pattern of a fractal, or over the face that looks back at you in the mirror?

“Then you have glimpsed the Goddess/God in you”.

Patricia J. Martin.

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