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Inspired by a question from one of my spirit sisters!!

In a time long forgotten, I become a Goddess.

I am Freyasaga

I am the Goddess of Words Lost and Found,

The winds whisper in my ears and a story forms in my soul.

My ink is my blood dripping, redness forming on the page creating words

My voice becomes my song

Each musical note, a letter on the page, each sentence a composition

The composition becomes a symphony

The instruments made from my bones.

My book is bound with my skin, strands of my hair stitch the pages together

My soul becomes the dancer for whom the story is told.


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The Swan Song


Today is the Full Moon and I’ve been pretty antsy today and short tempered.  Spiritually, I’m in a dead zone right, disillusioned and apathetic.  I know you are supposed to go through these phases but they are happening more and more.

I’m floating around in spiritual ether, not sure at what point I go from here.

I talked to one of my spirit sisters today and was given a glimmer of light in this round of darkness and she did a few readings with her cards today. Swan came up and Fire Passion. Creativity seems to be the key to this bout of disillusionment. Maybe the influx of spiritual energy at Pagan Pride Day Saturday will help me get my creative juices flowing further. But today, poetry came to me today while I was talking to my spirit sister and some of the shadows dissipated from my gloom.

The Swan Song

Heather Powers


The world stood still

Balance was within a galaxy’s breath

The swan song rose from the muse’s psyche

Embraced and caressed her

Soft feathers masked the steel beneath the wings

The words laid bare to the world that troubled her

Her depth of sorrow swallowed her distress call.

She climbed up from the ashes

And found the illusion behind the glass

Her fingers clawed at the muddied tapestry of her thoughts

Her swan called, weaving an escape from the shadows.

She listened intently and hoped for the words of her song

To lift her from drudgery.

The sparkle of light danced at the edges of her vision

Pulling her from the dark recesses of her mind

The notes played a rhythm in her ears

Moving with the beat of creation.

She is not there yet but soon

The muse’s magic will overcome her

And begin her journey to spiritual epiphany.

The music will awaken her senses

The light becomes brighter with each step she takes.

The chains of despair will loosen and then break.

Forging a new path to enlightenment.

She waits quietly for that moment to arrive

Her soul’s whisper calling her through the storm.

She will become more in that moment of synchronicity.

She will be who she was meant to be.

So, this is how the muse flows, a moment of melancholy forms the creation of words. Why is that a person must deal with some form of tragedy before their words flow seamlessly? Why can’t you be happy and write? I’ve never figured out that one.

Creativity shouldn’t be formed always from tragedy. Happiness should enter in the picture occasionally.

All I can do is hope for is clarity, a light in the shadows on my mind. I hate being lost in my thoughts and wandering around aimlessly with no direction.

I guess that I all I have for the moment.

As always, I remain



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Shamanic Musings-The Call of the Stars

The Call of the Stars

By Earthwindwalker


The fire spirits dance in the wind as we stand in the meadow of ancient tree people.

Silvery threads of light shone through the tree tops as the birds sing their song. The lodge, made from the bodies of the tree people hugging the cloth that lay on the branches in ceremony, stands there and greets us.

The crackle of the flames fills the glade as we watch the fire move in intricate patterns within, smoke rising to the sky and towards the lodge. The trail of smoke moves with purpose as the sweet aroma of the herbs blends in the fire.

I am drawn to the flames, the mosquitoes flitting around us, landing and absorbing their sacrifice of blood from each of us. Sometimes just landing and watching the flames with us. The connection to all things is very present here. It’s a feeling in the air, the smell of woods in your nostrils, the songs of the birds, and the frogs intoning their mysteries to us.

I am exhilarated but intimidated, the feeling of powerful medicine sings in my blood. The purification is close at hand as the flames dance higher, binding us all together in harmony and solemnness as we line up, the elders first. We remove our material possessions one by one as we watch the lodge change in color. The lodge becomes a doorway into our souls, one that a few are reluctant to enter. What wisdom will be had there? What knowledge passed onto you? Where were will you go??

As each of us move towards the entrance, we lean down and move forward slowly on our knees and form into a circle, feminine energy is strong here, each of us carrying knowledge in with us. We are all starting on our journeys, some of us earlier than others, some of us have been on our journey for many years. The wisdom of the grandmothers to the maidens passing through us to each other,

The heat of the lodge overwhelms as we find our place in the circle around the rock people, the ones with the medicine to share. You can feel their ancient knowledge in there, a heaviness of spirit descends upon you. You feel the elders here. The ones who have walked before us and passed into their next plane of existence.

I lean back against the walls of the lodge, my body slightly bent and my legs crossed as I distribute the energy from the stones into my body. The energy is heavy but calming. The warmth that the stones radiate embraces you as the door to the lodge is closed for the first round of prayers. Sweat drips from your pores as the elder pours water on the stone people. You hear the sizzle of the water hitting their bodies.

My mind is buzzing, the spirit presence is strong. Time becomes irrelevant here. You are here as long as you need to be. You are here because you need healing whether it be soul or physical. Each one of us that walked through the doorway is here for a reason.

The prayers are sung, the notes of sound cut through my fear of knowledge yet to be heard. My mind kicks in and starts analyzing things and I heard a voice telling me to stop and listen. The medicine you need is here but you are trying to hinder it. Stop suffocating it with material things.

I relax my body, the pain that I feel slowly disappears, the sweat coming from my body goes unnoticed. My mind is silenced and I just feel at peace. As the final round begins, my mind tries to take over again and I’m fighting to let go and soar.  I send prayers to the stone people to release my anger and pain for things that have been happening to me and stifling my spiritual growth. My chest becomes tight and as I begin to lose the battle between my mind and spirit, I am thrown into a vision.

My eyes close and I am no longer there in that lodge. I’m soaring from my physical body, spirit flying. Vistas of beauty appear. The rivers flow quickly past me, the desert sands undulate, and forests move past me.  I slow in my flight and look up into a night sky with a million stars and utter calm fills my soul. As I look up, Grandmother Spider walks in front of me and is joined by the four legged and the feathered, a wolf moves in beside me, a panther slinks forward, an eagle flies in from the left and a hawk from the right, and an owl flies in front of the spider. They all move forward in unison and blend into another. An ancient voice speaks and tell me to let go of what holds me back. We are all connected, what you feel is what we feel and you are not alone. We take it all into ourselves and give it back into the earth beneath our feet and the sky above our heads. It is not important in the web of life; the pattern needs balance and for this balance you must let go. You are energy formed from stardust and your physical form is temporary, it is just one of many forms and moves forward onto the next, each one interconnected and woven together into a larger and broader pattern. Time is a construct of the human mind. Time is irrelevant. It limits growth. You are a creator as well as a destroyer as we all are. Acknowledge this and you will begin to see the mysteries and the patterns that are outside of your perception. Cool breeze flows through me, refreshing and light. The beat of the drum far away call me back, the song becomes louder and awakes me from my vision. I fall back into my physical body and feel the heat but am refreshed. A coolness flows over my face and fills my body, relaxing me and I sit there in silence as the pipe is shared. The tightness of my chest is released to the stones and I feel renewed.

We crawl out of the lodge touching the earth with our hands and knees and I look up into the sky and everything sparkles and shines with an inner light. The air feels lighter and like an old friend’s embrace. I stand up on wobbly knees and draw strength from the earth beneath my feet. I am offered water and it fills my body and refreshes me. I am healed and I feel everything around me. I am ready to move forward in my journey, reborn, and welcoming whatever the future holds for me.




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Shamanic Musings-The Call of the Web


By Earthwindwalker Powers

She heard the call of the drum that leads to her transformation…. a heartbeat deep within leading her to a sacred place. There were others around but she did not focus on them. She focused on her breath and her heartbeat, the words lost in the silence of the grass, in this place between the earth and the sky. A messenger appeared on the ground…. a spider with an 8 on his back appeared at her feet. She watched as the spider walked towards the east…. she followed him there to a grove of trees that beckoned. She sat at the edge of the grove and looked within, a pattern emerged as the trees breathed their song. Her eyes closed and images appeared, of spider legs creating a web within and around the trees. The spider spoke, her voice clear but firm. We are all connected in a web of life, each drop of water connects to the dirt beneath our feet, each blade of grass burst forth from this marriage of the two elements…. the strands sway grasping each breath of life and connecting to each other…a subtle tug responds in kind…the web wavers but stands firm becoming stronger. Prisms of color spring from within each life, subtle hues glistening in the sunlight. The wind blows through her hair, playfully caresses it and she feels reborn, her heart blooms and cries in delight as each strand of the web moves around her body. Soft but strong, yielding slightly as she moves her way through the branches and the roots of the trees. She is calm and content, in awe of the beauty of the mother. Her eyes fall to the pages in her hand, writing flows from her fingers, a picture emerges, the spider rests in the middle of the webs, cascades of red and gold flow from her chest spinning the threads that flows from her body and connects to the trees. The observer moves forward and becomes one with the grandmother, the pulse of life flows through her body and the web is woven, the strands streaming from her fingers which become legs and the silken touch of the web caresses her face. We are all one, we are all interwoven, our fates entwined. Fear should not enter your thoughts, young one, as you are protected by millions. Pinpricks of light fills your body with warmth. Peace is found there within the web of time, within the body of the weaver. She is the weaver of life and destiny, bound by the universe to create. Connections are made, but just a sliver, a silken caress of a dream fills your soul and calmness flows through you. You are the creator of your life, of your fate, the power is within you. Your soul has seen a thousand lifetimes, each one a little closer to the pattern of the universe, an awakening of the mind and body. You become the keeper of your story, the writer of your soul.  As she is filled with wonder and awe, she looks down onto the skin of the trees, to the fibers of paper, the words flow and a spider ally appears, tiny yet significant, a message given. She breathes in and shares her gratitude for the lesson. Onto the next adventure, her soul renewed and ready to begin this new weave in the tapestry of the web. Her heart soars and she becomes one with the universe.

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The Lady Within

The Lady Within

Heather Powers


In the silent introspection of morning and in the whisper of the dusk, she calls me.

She calls me and shows her feathered cloak as it glistens in the moonlight.

The beautiful mistress caught in a moment of time, a fleeting glimpse of the starlight in her eyes.

Tresses wrapped in red fall upon her shoulders, shimmering in the candle light.

Her voice a caress along my arm, ever so gently.

Filling me with strength.

Her beauty shines through my eyes as I consider the mirror of night.

The falcon’s wings surround me, embracing me, integrating with my soul.

I stand as the warrior’s metal falls upon my shoulder, dark feathers in the shadows.

I grasp the vestiges of time as it encompasses me, aging from the maiden’s beauty, to the mother’s dress, and wrinkles fall deep upon my face.

Time is a limited concept, brushed aside by the legacy of spirit which lives on in memories.

I bow deeply to her lady as she moves forward and touches my shoulder, the touch spirals through my body and I become her, not realizing the truth until it burst forth in merriment.

Tinkling laughter fills the corridor, freedom a mere glimpse away.

Embracing the magic as it touches the reaches of my soul.

Such is the meaning of prayer and conversation; the illusion is broken and you are set free at last.

To look upon the visage and realize the truth was always there, you just had to grasp it.



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HTS 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Days 4-6

Hollow Tree Society 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Days 4-6

I’m combining my journal entries because it’s getting too hard to do them nightly. So, I’m going to update my journal every 3 days.

I do a sound recording of what I do because it’s too easy to forget what I’ve done when I’m in ritual headspace.


I cleanse my sacred space every day with sage and rotate different incenses. I also invite my ancestor and spiritual allies to join me in the ritual

Dragon Blood Incense

Did a card pull with my Psychic Oracle deck.

#2 Sacral Chakra card from Psychic Oracle deck.




Characteristics-Creative movement such as dancing and sexuality.

This is interesting because I have incorporated dance when I started working with the bowl.

The herbs also decided they didn’t want to be separated and mixed together. So, I put the card on top of the herbs overnight.


Spineee by Gary Stadler

Close your Eyes-Bernward Koch

Nocturne for Guitar and Strings-Jerry LaRocca



I cleanse with sage and call in the ancestors and spiritual allies.

Dragon’s Blood Incense

Continue with herbs

Card Pull

Heart Chakra

Color: Green

Element: Air

Characteristics: Unconditional love and healing



Song and Dance-Blackmore’s Night

An Toll Dubh-Runrig



I cleanse with sage and call in the ancestors and spiritual allies.

Dragon’s Blood Incense

Continue with herbs

2 Card Pull

Universe/Love Begins

Mummer’s Dance by Loreena McKennitt

Titanic Set by Gaelic Storm

Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLachlan




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HTS 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 2

30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 2



Tonight, I started my ritual by cleansing my space with Sage, I moved clockwise and then smudged myself.

Herbal infusion of the bowl. To accomplish this, I was told to put the following herbs in the bowl and keep them in it overnight. I initially thought it would be 6 but it ended up being 9 herbs.

They were put the bowl in a clockwise pattern, starting with the 12th hour position

Lilac- draws protection spirits, faery communication, helps recall past lives

Yarrow Flower- courage, love, psychic powers, purification

White Willow Bark-  Lunar energy, water, and magic. Signifies transformation and rebirth.

Lemongrass- psychic powers, spiritual growth, purification

Jasmine-  Love, money, prophetic dreams, emotional inner peace and calm of mind

Rosemary- Protection, love, purification, healing, good luck, psychic development

Sweetgrass- Healing, peace, and attracts positive energies

Sage and Tobacco were put in the center of the bowl.

Sage- Purification, wisdom, and longevity

Tobacco- Healing and purification



Next, I played Gary Stadler Radio Station on Pandora and let the program choose what songs would be used. As I played the songs, I lay back down with the crown chakra touching the bowl and sent healing and psychic energy to the bowl. I felt tingling on my crown chakra and then put my hand on the side of the bowl.

Song List:

Breath of Love

Athair Ar Neamh

Keys to the Heart

After the songs finished, I laid face down with my crown chakra touching the bowl and my hands holding the bowl while I sent prayers  into it so that it would help the person who receives this with what they need.

I smudged the arm and closed the circle, thanking and acknowledging all who joined me in the ritual.




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HTS 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 1

12-2-16- Day 1 of 30 Day Magical Item Challenge

Materials for the Ritual:

Incense burner

Dragons’ Blood Incense

Kanaga water

Prayer/Offer/Spellwork Bowl

Owl Rattle

I started my ritual around 9 pm in my altar room. To clear my ritual space, I lit and burned Palo Santo and went around the altar room and then smudged myself. I put a soft blanket on the floor and placed my incense burner in front of it and burned dragon’s blood incense. I faced east.

I moved the bowl over the incense smoke, took a cloth and washed the bowl in kanaga water.  While I was cleansing the bowl, I intoned Ansuz rune 9 times as I moved the cloth in a clockwise motion.

I called upon my ancestors, the deities I work with, the rune spirits, and my animal guides to join me in my ritual.

After the circle was open, I intoned Ansuz, Algiz, and Othalla 3 times each while holding the bowl. I also sang into the bowl.

I was told to play 3 songs and just let Pandora shuffle it how it was meant to.

First song:

Tine Beltaine by Omnia

Tine Beltaine by Omnia


With this song, I was told to dance in a circle as I played my owl rattle while the song played. I took the bowl and danced around the circle clockwise and acknowledged the directions, starting with East, North, West, South

The energy was amazing during this part, all the hairs on my arms and behind my neck stood up and it tingled all over my body. It was almost as if I was out of my body and someone else stepped in and infused the bowl with primal energy.

Second Song:

Kuoppa by Tenhi

With this song, I just sat on the blanket and put my hand on the bowl while infusing it with my energy. Olivia came up and sniffed the bowl then laid behind me

Song 3

Full Moonlight Dance

Tina Malia

I wasn’t sure about this one but there must be a reason why this song came up. I sat with the bowl here as well just holding it.


After the songs played, I made the video of what I was doing and then closed the circle, thanking all my allies.


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The Song of the Drum

The Song of the Drum


Heather Powers


Have you ever felt beauty but it scared you because it was so raw and open? A comment by a kindred sister spurred me to write this story of my drum. My drum, a muse within itself, led me on a dance of spirit and it was achingly beautiful and I want to feel that again. Control has been an issue with me…her claws gripping my head, screaming like a banshee. It’s difficult for me to let go of control, making me physically uncomfortable but I guess it’s one of my lessons to learn which has been a difficult one. One day a few years ago, my drum decided to take me on a journey, one where I lost that bitch called control. Vibrant energy flowed from the spirit of the drum, memories reeled in from the bison from which the drum was made. Strength radiated from the drum and I had no idea what dance the drum would swirl me in, a whirlpool of rawness and beauty that hasn’t been replicated since.

I love drum circles, they are my salve, my healing. When I play, my mind opens and expands and I see raw beauty, pure spirit. As I play the drum, the beat resonates deep within my soul. I connect with the energy that lies within. I feel the bison call….my other drum guardians join in the chorus but that is a story for another day.

This particular drum circle was the epicenter of my awakening, I found it but it’s became elusive in the years since. I feel it calling me but I fear it because of the control I will lose. My tenuous grip on control is unraveling and it seems as if events in my life are making me aware that I need to give up that control and have faith it will work out.

I started playing in this drum circle completely in control of my faculties for a while…but the drum had different plans unbeknownst to me. I started getting caught up in the emotions of the songs that we played but I was still in control. Then an extraordinary gentleman joined in the fray and started singing. That did it, my handle on my control fell apart and the journey began. I felt my spirit soaring and it scared me, oh how it scared me. But that didn’t matter, the drum sang and that was that. I remember falling into my head and another joined in. My pulse racing, edgy with anticipation but fear of what was to come.  As the drum sang, I too sang in a language I was unfamiliar with. I later found out it was Lakota. And I sang, my vocal cords straining with the tones of the song…And then that’s where my control got lost in a myriad of beats. The song from my lips gentle but heartbreaking. Tears fell down my cheeks, leaving their salty trails on my shirt. I felt utter beauty in those moments, a butterfly caught in flight, the colors sparkling in the sunlight. The song continued without stopping and then I just stood there. Fear’s fingertips touching my rational brain but also the utter certainty that I was safe that I wasn’t in harm’s way.

The beautiful moment was done, my wretched mind stepping in and bringing me back. With it came fear, the tendrils growing stronger. Strong enough to make me run out of the drum circle like a scared deer caught in headlights. I spent several minutes searching for help for someone to bring me back from the abyss. I finally found someone who knew what was happening and she sat me down. Snapped me back from the fear mindset and grounded me. She connected me back with my drum to see what messages I was meant to receive. For you see, I wasn’t getting it so they decided to take action. I sat there with tears in my eyes, the fear dwindling, and laid my forehead on the drum. The vision came then, I was in a leather dress, long brown hair, braided with feathers and in front of me was a papoose with a baby inside. The baby was crying and I felt fear in my heart that my baby was going to die and the only thing that would calm her was a lullaby. So I sang in this vision and it was the song that I sang in the drum circle. And the message I got was life is precious and it’s fleeting, and I should treasure it. Nothing else is important. Material possessions are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. The stars in the sky prove that, we are speck in the universe and everything will be okay and everything will work out. You just have to let go of the control and have faith.


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I decided to sit and write this post in light of the recent death of Ryan’s stepfather. His death is a bleak reminder that our parents aren’t here forever.
It also reminded me of my other best friend/sister Michelle Burks and the loss of her parents. My parents and I might not always see eye to eye but I love them dearly and really don’t know what I would do without them. They are my island in the immense sea that is my life. They support me in whatever I choose to do, whether it be spiritual or mundane and they are my biggest inspiration to better myself so that I might help others.
You see I am and have always been a healer. The healer aspect of my soul is just like breathing to me. Sometimes I can’t help it even it’s detrimental to my health and well-being
I’ve have always tried to set aside one day a week to spend time with my parents even it’s only for a hour or so waiting for Tier’s karate to get done.
My paternal grandmother is on borrowed time and I just want to hug her close and tell her I love her. Her stories are part of the tapestry of my life. I see my deep seated strength in her when I look into her eyes and listen to her talk. She is also another one who inspires me with her presence in my life and I really believe has shaped me into who I am today. The resilience and strength is like a well spring, able to be tapped if I have the will to do so. Her health is really one of the reasons I try to make it a point to visit as much as I can. Because folks, tomorrow is never promised.
This ties in with the Orlando shooting. People going on with their lives enjoying life and all its glory when it was savagely cut short by that gunman who took hate, let it fester, and explode into the immense sorrow of innocent lives lost. It’s a sad world we live in when we are living in fear of death.
Death is just another stop on your journey. Another waystation on the way to big bang of life. What ends begins again and hopefully you are able to learn from your mistakes in your next life. I cannot say I don’t fear death, what I fear is the loss of faith. Faith that you are not alone in this world even if it seems so.
Stay strong for the ones who cannot. The burden is placed on your shoulders when you feel everything. You were given that task and it’s not for everyone. Shamans see everything differently, sometimes it’s things that you don’t want to see but see you must. You must have your eyes open when others are asleep. You are their champion in the infinite cosmos of time and space.
I look at my children and am reminded that I’m only in this body for a short time and I need to make the most of it. My kids need to see my strength to gain their own so that they can continue on when I’m gone. I want them to know they have that strength but they need the will to tap it.
As I grow older, things become clearer. Things that seem irrelevant when you are young and just beginning your life became important. They are lessons, the infinite school of this life. You either get stronger from it or you get weaker. Which will you choose??
Even though I’m 42, my youth seems to be a vague memory now. I look back and find myself 20 years later wondering if the path I chose this time around will be the final one, the ascension. If I’ve learned my lessons or if they will begin again when my body shuts down and my soul remains. How many times have I begun again?? I feel like it’s been a thousand or more. Each return is another cog in the wheel of the universe.
If I have one lesson to share, it’s to live life and take the leap. Have faith that you will fly!!! Hold your loved ones close and tell them that you love them every day.
Look at each day with joy that you made it through another one. That you are still kicking, you are still fighting the good fight. Remember you have a thousand ancestors behind you holding you up when you fall.
I love each and every one of you who has crossed my path!! Every one of you has a lesson to share. I become the student as well as the teacher. Let old wounds heal and speak with your loved ones because the next time may be next to a coffin and you are wondering what the fuck happened.
As always,
Heather “Earthwindwalker” Powers

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