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Parallel Ephiphany



As we embark on the month of December, I have decided to write a blog post as I’ve been neglecting my writing lately. I read a remarkable book called Seven Point Eight and it started churning lost thoughts in my head. The book touched about auras, the soul, shamanism, and parallel worlds. As I was reading this book, the thoughts once again started processing in my head. Shamanism is one of the major focuses of my belief system. Lucid dreams, extra-sensory perception, parallel worlds all have been pivotal points in my spiritual path. I’ve astral projected many times and have touched my past lives/parallel lives. Parallels are always present in my daily life. Imagine that you are in all worlds in one way or another. A different facet of you presents itself differently in each world. Your strengths are weaknesses in these lives, and your weaknesses become your strengths in others. This is also explored in the fantasy novel I’m writing. Parallels are strangely present. I often wonder if the characters speaking to me are actually different facets of these lives. It’s a heavy thought and sometimes it literally blows my mind. But too many “Coincidences” and feelings of “deja vu” are constants to write off these theories. My beliefs are constantly evolving and I feel that this is a direct result of my spiritual Epiphanies.

Well I guess that about sums up my thoughts for the moment.

Tell me your thoughts!!! I’d love to hear them.


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4/16/11 Ramblings and “The Walk”


Since it’s been forever and a day since I wrote my blog. I’m writing randomly today. Yesterday was the day from hell. Ry tried to go to a job fair for a local company and it wasn’t at all what he expected. They want him to pay for some 75 dollar skill aptitude test with no guarantee of a job. He ended up standing in line yesterday in the cold wind with over 200 more people. He wasn’t a happy camper. Then my white car broke down yet again on his way back home. It just keep getting worse as the day went on. I hate the fact that for a bit everything works out for us then it goes to shit. It is hard to keep a positive thought in my head. Despair is just edging closer to me. If the job market doesn’t materialize for him, we may have to relocate and that is my very last resort. Lucky we have a house over our heads and an awesome friend who is being very patient with us. I’m thankful for the roof of my head and my job. I know other people have it so much worse than us but it doesn’t help sometimes when shit keep piling up. I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel but my flashlight keeps threatening to dim. This should be a perfect time for me to write…depression one of the nectars of good writing.
So I’m listening to pagan radio network and trying to relax and pray that things will look up for us. That’s all we can do.
The Japan crisis preyed on my mind yesterday. More earthquakes. Mother Nature cleaning house. I hate to say it but it just looks more and more like it. We are all moving forward one way or another. Transformation to me. Armageddon for others. From my own personal experience when you don’t choose to listen to the forces of nature, they MAKE you listen eventually even if it takes a few years. Humans are so arrogant that think they can control mother nature. You cannot control the mother she has been around for eons


Until next time, as always, I remain Earthwindwalker.

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9/11/10 Epiphany


Two blogs in one should all feel special.

Inspiration is grasping me in her arms and hugging me tonight.

I’ve been listening to Celtic/Faerie Music tonight and it inspired me to write my earlier poem.

Do you ever have the feeling that you have knowledge right in your grasp and in blinding light you are thrust into an epiphany.

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with my spiritual path for many years now…going one way and not finding my niche. Then suddenly things click and you feel as if you are back on your path. That’s me the past few months. First with the Norse connotations and they resonate within me. Now being led in the Celtic way…another piece in the jigsaw of my life. I’m going back to my roots in more ways than one. Some of my friends thoughts on this basically are…the answers you seek will be shown to you in time and they are in glimpses.. dreams, videos, pictures…anything can flick my switch and that is what I need. I’m tired of being stagnant and flaying along on my path. I want enlightenment and knowledge. I don’t want anymore cryptic messages. Show me solid pics and the universe has been throwing me slivers the last few months..urgency fills me at times. The ways of universe are preparing me for an ending and and a new beginning.

I know to some of you these scribblings will make no sense but the people who have walked with me on this path will find these make a weird kind of sense.

The “Old” ways are popping up more and more with things that I’m drawn to.

I’m not talking blood sacrifices and stuff. I’m talking about the natural witch path. Symbols and thoughts become clearer to me the closer I get to the right path. And I’m exhilarated and a little nervous for what the universe has in store for me.

So dance with me this crazy dance, walk with me this new walk…

learn from me as I learn from you.

Peace and balance,


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And one more by my daughter

The Woods
By: Abigail Patrick

So much depends

A forest blanketed with snow,

Above a herd of deer…….

On a cold winter day

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Another by my poet in training Abigail:)

The Ocean
By: Abigail Patrick

Oh, what a beautiful sight I see

This prodigious, salty, wonderful

It’s a colorful, and magical
Place to be

It’s a great for viewing,
Relaxing, and swimming too

Oh, how I love the Ocean

Here’s a another poem by :Abigail

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A Poem by my Daughter Abigail:)

Mike Montgomery
By Abigail Patrick

Mike Montgomery mocked a magnificent amount of mice
Making a mint mud pie mess in May on Monday
Many mouse mothers were mad at the mice for making a Mint Mud pie mess

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Thoughts on the road 121209

Thoughts on the Road 121209

Words claim my hand

Moving me to write

It’s almost manic how they demand to be written.

The muse fills me in these moments.

I don’t know what I write until it’s done.

Is the muse another aspect of me?

Or a separate entity that possesses me?

These thoughts come to me in weird times.

On a road driving, at work typing numbers.

When that happens it’s very unsettling and

Causes me to lose focus until it’s written down.

My hand cramps as the words are purged from my psyche.

In a way the pain is good because I feel something important

Is finished.

It’s hard to understand unless you are a writer like me.

The overwhelming desire to write prevails.

One hopes that someone will read your words and find out

Who you are.

Brave souls to wander this territory.

Some things are hard to read and absorb. They seem like

mad ramblings.

I think they are pieces of inspiration. Instead of looking at them

In your head, they are meant to be shared.

Everything you read doesn’t have to be black & white.

It can be many colors of the rainbow.

I think I need to journal everyday, even if it is only a sentence.

My true happiness is there. Everything else is everything else.

At one time, I thought I was crazy. This compulsion to write everything down. But I think it is necessary for me.

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