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Day 27-I just did some rune research for my sigils for the bowl.

12/28/16 Rune Sigil Work for the Bowl

























































Sage cleansing

Dragon’s Blood Incense


Called in the Ancestors, Runevaettir, spiritual allies, and Odinn

Pulled the above runes

Galdr’d Ansuz and the above runes for the preparation.

Played the above video links as I carved my rune sigils.

9 rune sigils on the outside of the bowl-carved with dremel tool

Put the runes and herbs that I have been using in the bowl overnight for final infusion.

Thanked the ancestors, Runevaettir, spiritual allies, and Odinn for joining the blessing of the bowl.


I had such a positive spiritual experience with this. I’m glad my co-founder and spirit sister Kimberly received this gift.  I wish her many positive things when she uses this prayer bowl.



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HTS 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Days 7-11

Day 7 (12/8/16)


Psychic Tarot

Prayer Bowl

Same herbs still in bowl


Tonya Threet’s Lullaby

Listen to Lullaby Here

Ansuz Cleansing Galdr

Call in the Ancestors and Spiritual Allies


Rest and Recuperate-Number 4, Rest and Recuperate, Healing energy sent to bowl. Emotional taxing experience and time to heal.


Enya-One by One

May It Be-Hayley Westenra

In the Hollow of Trees-Gary Stadler/Singh Kaur


Day 8 (12-9-16)

Psychic Tarot

Prayer Bowl

Same herbs still in bowl




Truth-See truth within yourself to find clarity. Share your spiritual truth.

Passion Ignited-Stir up your passion. Spirit card. New beginnings/ideas. Find your spiritual truth, your passion becomes ignited.

 Held the bowl to my heart chakra while listening to 1st song

While holding the bowl, I got some feelings of presence, enough that it jerked my head back. I asked the presence to not bother me unless it pertained to ritual.

While listening to 2nd song, flash of image came, shy looking fox or dog, very expressive face. Someone giving me a message.

Continued to listen to music-see links below

Loreena Mckennitt-Mystic’s Dream

Leaves’ Eyes-Ankomst

Ailein Duinn-Dan Ar Braz


Day 9- (12/10/16)


Psychic Tarot

Prayer Bowl

Same herbs still in bowl

Pagan Magic Incense


8-minute meditation app


Sacrifice-Prayer work is a sacrifice, you are sacrificing your control of the situation.

Love Begins- Once you let go of control of the situation, you will be able to move forward with Love.

 Call in the Ancestors and Spiritual Allies

Listened to 8-minute Meditation app while pulling cards for bowl

Listened to Music-See links below for music


The High Kings-As I Roved Out

Qntal-Falling Star

Day 10 (12-11-16)


Psychic Tarot

Prayer Bowl

Same herbs still in bowl




Emotional Loss-This is one of the things you would use the prayer bowl for. Healing of oneself.

Throat Chakra-Light blue, Sound: HAM, Element-Sound, Keywords: I speak

Emotional Loss healed by sound/music (Throat Chakra)

Listened to music-See links below for music

Secret Garden-Moving

Loreena Mckennitt-Samain Night

Mordred’s Lullaby-Heather Dane


Day 11 (12-12-16)


Psychic Tarot

Prayer Bowl

Same herbs still in bowl

Pagan Magic Incense


Destiny-This is a useful card for using the bowl for scrying

Memories of Love-This is a useful card for using the bowl for memory recall.


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HTS 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 3

30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 3


For my 3rd day of the challenge, I decided just to play some music and infuse the bowl with positive energy.

I cleansed my space with Sage and called upon my Ancestors and spiritual allies to join me in my ritual.

All the herbs from the 2nd day are still in the bowl and will stay in there as they are needed.

While the music played, I just held the bowl in my hands. I knew it was working because I felt tingling and energy flowing into the bowl.

Moonflight-Gary Stadler

Memories-Ryan Stewart

Lady of the Moon-2002

After the music was finished, I placed the bowl on my 3rd eye and sent good positive energy.

I thank the Ancestors and my spiritual allies for joining me in the ritual and closed the circle.



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HTS 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 2

30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 2



Tonight, I started my ritual by cleansing my space with Sage, I moved clockwise and then smudged myself.

Herbal infusion of the bowl. To accomplish this, I was told to put the following herbs in the bowl and keep them in it overnight. I initially thought it would be 6 but it ended up being 9 herbs.

They were put the bowl in a clockwise pattern, starting with the 12th hour position

Lilac- draws protection spirits, faery communication, helps recall past lives

Yarrow Flower- courage, love, psychic powers, purification

White Willow Bark-  Lunar energy, water, and magic. Signifies transformation and rebirth.

Lemongrass- psychic powers, spiritual growth, purification

Jasmine-  Love, money, prophetic dreams, emotional inner peace and calm of mind

Rosemary- Protection, love, purification, healing, good luck, psychic development

Sweetgrass- Healing, peace, and attracts positive energies

Sage and Tobacco were put in the center of the bowl.

Sage- Purification, wisdom, and longevity

Tobacco- Healing and purification



Next, I played Gary Stadler Radio Station on Pandora and let the program choose what songs would be used. As I played the songs, I lay back down with the crown chakra touching the bowl and sent healing and psychic energy to the bowl. I felt tingling on my crown chakra and then put my hand on the side of the bowl.

Song List:

Breath of Love

Athair Ar Neamh

Keys to the Heart

After the songs finished, I laid face down with my crown chakra touching the bowl and my hands holding the bowl while I sent prayers  into it so that it would help the person who receives this with what they need.

I smudged the arm and closed the circle, thanking and acknowledging all who joined me in the ritual.




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Pagan Scriptures

by Charles Baize & Nolan Reichle

Chapter One

1. In the beginning was the Light and all things that were, are,and shall be were in the Light. The Light is The Creators, our God and Goddess.

2. And the Light said, Let there be life, and the reverberating vibrations of Their voices caused the creation of the universes.

3. And the worlds were created and in them were the elements of life; fire, water, air and earth. And the evolution of life began. This was the beginning of ages and cycles of ages.

4. And within the Light were every soul of every creature great and small, and these souls are the Children of the Light.

5. And the Light said, We shall send Our Children out and they shall live, love, learn, and experience as they begin their journey.

6. They shall seek to become Perfect, just as We are Perfect.

7. The Light said, When they have become Perfect, they shall return unto Us and We shall receive them in unto Us.

8. And they shall be likened unto Us, and then if they desire, they shall go no more out.

9. And in the attainment of this Divine Perfection, We shall give to Our Children those things that they need to fulfill the journey.

10. There should not be put upon them more than they can endure.

11. Should they not attain this Perfection in one life, We shall give them another. But between these lives, they shall rest and learn…

12. Study their mistakes and the lessons from the previous lives.

13. Should they require ten lives, We shall give it to them for the attainment of Perfection.

14. Should they require seventy lives, We shall give it to them.

15. Should they require one hundred and twenty-five lives, We shall give it.

16. It matters not to Us how many lives that We should give to them as long as they do return to Us.

17. For We send Our Children out and We shall not lose one of them. For they are Our Children.

18. Love from love, Light from Light, We love them and not one shall be lost.

Chapter Two

1. In the beginning there was the Light and all things that have been, are, and shall be were in the Light.

2. Every soul that exists now existed then and the Light wished that each and every soul would go out, become perfect, live, love, and experience and then return of their own free will to Them.

3. And the Light said, We shall send them out, who shall be the first?

4. And I, the Lady Danu, an humble child, one of the First Born, stepped before Them and said, Allow me. If I fail, it will be nothing as long as You reach out and take me by the hand to bring me back into Yourselves, Great Mother and Father.

5. Then They said, Go, and I went into the void and it was cold and I knew from the beginning that my voyage and everything I knew, every word and deed, would bring me again back to the Light.

6. That I should do nothing that would make me fail this task.

Chapter Three

1. Therefore, I left the Light and felt the cold, the loneliness. And the lights of the world could not begin to shine as brightly and joyfully as the Light of Lights.

2. I had only known the comforts of the Father and the Mother, the Light, being in Their presence, knowing Their love and Their peace.

3. Therefore, I went down and took a body and through these incarnations I came to feel good and bad, to know suffering and pain, to feel the bite and sting of the serpent and scorpion.

4. I came to know sickness and disease, feel the pangs of hunger and the exhaustion of labor. I experienced all manner of life in these incarnations.

5. I came to understand time and age and the body’s vulnerability to them. And in this way, lived a lifetime of years, and my spiritual and physical evolution began.

6. And my Father and Mother, the Light, looked down upon me and seeing my pain and suffering said, This is enough.

7. We will not allow Our Children to remain in this body and suffer beyond their strength.

8. Then They said to me, Come, We will make for you a realm where you will find peace and comfort and where you may study and come to understand the experiences of this life and We will place this realm between Ourselves and these worlds.

9. We shall not let Our Children suffer beyond their means in one life, nor evolve through several lives without rest. Therefore shall they live, learn, and experience for a time and then seek the comfort of this realm before continuing the attainment of Perfection.

10. Therefore shall the souls leave their bodies to seek rest and comfort and to seek understanding that they may attain a higher perfection in their next life.

11. Therefore, I, the Lady Danu, left the body and entered the realm of comfort that the Light had created for me.

12. This was the beginning for us all.

13. Soon thereafter my second journey began, not as my first alone, but with a second spark who would come to be my consort who has been known as Pan, ….Bel.., ..Belize…..

14. And together we would change as the evolution of life continued.

Chapter Four

1. The Mother and Father of all Life said, Our Children shall experience all manner of living and learning.

2. There will be nothing that they shall not experience.

3. For it is only in experiencing all these lives in every manner thereof that they shall grow and attain spiritual Perfection.

4. We are the Light, yet it is only through Our Children that We see Our own Light.

5. What they experience, We experience, what they suffer, We suffer.

6. They take Us with them and they are the sparks of Our essence and Our power.

7. In the world they should not hide this Light that the Light shall shine through them to the others, as a constant reminder of their origin.

8. They shall know that they are the Children of the Light, and the sons and daughters of the Gods and Goddesses.

9. The first one hundred sparks to leave us shall be called the First Born, these shall be Gods and Goddesses to those that follow.

Chapter Five

1. Within the Light there are masculine aspects and feminine aspects.

2. The Light is the greatest of the deities, the Creator, The All One.

3. Yet It is Two, even so, It is One.

4. This is the First, This is the Creator.

5. The Absolute Deity in both aspects.

6. This is the Great Mother and Great Father of All Life.

7. And from the Light came the First Born and these First Born Sparks went out from the Light, life forms developed and the evolution of life slowed after a time within cycles of ages.

8. Thereafter, They became Perfect and returned unto the Light.

9. They, the First Born, we know as Gods and Goddesses, The Lords and Ladies of the Light.

10. They are known to us by many names, including: Adonis; Aida-Wedo; Ammut; Amun; Aphrodite; Apollo; Artemis; Astarte; Bacchus; Barron Samedhi; Bast; Brigantia; Buddha; Cernunnos; Cerridwin; Chiron; Coventina; Damballah;

11. Danu; Diana; Dionysus; Durga; Enlil; Erzulie; Freya; Gwydion; Gwynn Ap Nudd; Hera; Hermes; Horus; Isis; Jesus; Junos; Kali-Ma; Krishna; Maha-Lakshmi; Marduk; Min; Morrigu; Mut; Nekhbet; Nergal; Odin; Osiris; Pan; Papa-Legba; Priapus; Ra; Sekhmet; Shiva; Tammuz; Thoth; Thor; Venus; Vishnu; Woden; Zeus; The Crone, and many others.

12. These Lords and Ladies, Gods and Goddesses all, shall remain until the end of this Cycle of Light.

13. When the last of the children of these ages return unto the Light…

14. Then shall the Lords and Ladies, the Gods and Goddesses, of this Cycle of Light also return for their rest and their reward.

15. It is their decision to remain in the Light of Lights or to return in the new cycle as Gods and Goddesses for that new age.

16. And all sparks left the Light and the Light became the sum total of the individual sparks.

17. Therefore, the sparks are the Light; the Light being within each individual spark. And only when all sparks attain Perfection shall the Light be made whole again.

18. For we are the Light, Gods and Goddesses, the Creators. And the Light shall not be whole until each spark returns to Perfection, which is their origin.

Chapter Six

1. Although all souls have issued from the Light, each has its own separate identity.

2. Each an individual with its own paths.

3. Therefore, let there be no condemnation from one soul to the other that they judge one another in their paths in their chosen identities.

4. For each soul must learn a lesson and experience new things.

5. What is right for one soul may not necessarily be right for another at the present time.

6. Therefore, let all souls feel free to experience and live as is needed in their attainment to Divine Perfection.

7. Each individual must follow the path that is best for them lest experiences be lost and times be wasted by following after the attained experiences others have set before them.

Chapter Seven

1. During these lives, Our Children may honor Us.

2. They shall burn incense and speak words of their hearts and We shall hear Our Children.

3. We shall watch them and know they are attaining the Perfection that they require to return unto Us.

4. They shall in no means destroy blood life to burn as sacrifices unto Us.

5. They shall take no blood life to give to Us in any manner.

6. No, there shall be no blood sacrifices, but only the sacrifice of herb and incense.

7. The sacrifice that We enjoy most is one of seeing karmic harmony and life being lived well, not the taking of life, nor the letting of blood.

8. Therefore, you shall burn no sacrifice of blood nor creature unto Us, nor offer sacrifice of blood or life.

9. For Our sacrifice is that We must send Our children away from Us that they may attain Perfection. 10. As Our will, so be it.

Chapter Eight

1. Our Children are love and Light and they know what they need in the attainment of Perfection, for they carry with them Our essence and Our knowledge of what must be attained.

2. They have free choice and free will in the experiences and the attainment of this Perfection.

3. And the whole of the law is this,

4. An ye harm none, do what ye will.

5. All of the laws are summed up in this.

6. Again We say, An ye harm none, do what ye will.

7. For this is the path of love and Light, that you harm none.

8. We are love and Light.

9. Love is the law and love is the bond.

10. And when you have needs, speak unto the Gods and Goddesses and ask what you will.

11. Should the requests not hinder your karma or the karma of others, nor change it in any way,

12. And if you have no doubt and send forth your Light and your vibrations, and your receptive influences…

13. Directing them to do your will, they shall help you to achieve your goal…

14. If they do not go against your karmic wheel, nor cause a falling away of the goals and tasks set by you prior to your incarnation into this life.

15. And We send Our Children out not empty, but they carry with them Our Light and Our love and all this power is given to them that they may go out and experience, live, love, and learn.

16. And these powers are theirs to use if they will upon each path.

17. And Our Children, they know Our way and they should seek to travel those paths which will bring them to Perfection.

18. Knowing that they shall return unto Us.

Chapter Nine

1. There are some souls who upon their journeys tend to forget the serenity and love, the comfort and fulfillment and perfection they had in the Light.

2. And that to the Light they should return for Perfect peace, love, and harmony throughout eternity.

3. These distressed souls We at times call malicious ones.

4. For some of them do tend to take that path.

5. In the attainment of Perfection, let us not forget from whence we came.

6. Let us not forget that for which we strive.

7. Let there be no taking of life unnecessarily.

8. Let there be no wickedness that your thought, word, or deed should harm another.

9. For every soul is precious to Us and We would have none of Our Children come to harm by the hands of another of Our Children.

10. Therefore, do not move in wickedness to perform the things that would cause harm or injury to another of Our Children.

11. But instead, move upon your paths in love.

12. For in this path is Perfect Light, in this path you will attain joy and Perfection.

13. Therefore, seek to do good among the Children of the Light, your brothers and sisters, and should you see them at the side in pain and suffering…

14. Receive them into your heart, lift them up and in this way, karma shall be satisfied.

Chapter Ten

1. And the Child of the Light you have helped along the way may repay this karma, lifting you up when you are down in pain and suffering.

2. The karmic wheel of life is forever turning, ever just in its way.

3. Therefore, do not allow yourself to worry and to wonder over the things of this life that you may or may not have.

4. For in past lives, you may have had them.

5. Or in future lives you may attain them.

6. Find peace in what you have or have not yet attained. For in this, you may achieve a goal you set for yourself to reach prior to this incarnation.

7. And do not worry yourself of the body that you now live in. For you yourself have chosen every aspect of this life, even to the body you now use, for the fulfillment of your personal karma, and many times, for the payment of a karmic debt.

8. Therefore find peace in all these things and joy in the knowledge that your karma is being fulfilled and you are rising to higher levels of Perfection.

9. There is no true happiness, no fulfillment and completion of being until one has walked into the Light, attaining Divine Perfection. Being One with the Light is the only true source of joy and fulfillment.

10. These words are true and old and have been written by the Light of Lights.

11. They have existed since the beginning of time.

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8/21/10 Inspirations from The Pagan Norse

Ramblings inspired by the video Pagan Norse….

I’m again finding myself learning another piece to my path…it comes to me in jagged pieces. Perhaps, I will eventually finish this jigsaw of my spiritual life. I was online for some reason and was drawn to this video Pagan Norse. Now I’m sure some of you are knowledgeable about the Norse gods and goddesses. I wouldn’t go as far as say I would worship these gods and goddesses because I don’t go for the whole god and goddesses ideals. I think they were legends from long ago that through people’s perceptions have made them into gods. I would venture to say spirit guides of sorts. Many years ago I was drawn to the Norse mythology and find myself again back to this circle. I was specially interested in Freya and I like the thought of Valkyries. At one time, I felt a feminine energy that I felt reminded me of Freya’s energy..I think she is still with me but in the background with everyone else that help me along with my path. I was talking to another friend about this phenomenon and he said maybe my true self was coming to life. The old ways are part of me very much so. A lot of things I agree with are on this line.

My family is Finnish/Scandinavian in origins so when I hear music along this idea I feel a deep resonance inside I’m closer to finding the next piece in my spiritual jigsaw.

So moving forward I’m going to check more into the Finnish beliefs and so forth and see if I can find more pieces to fit.

Feel free to comment on this post as I’m interested in hearing other people’s opinions on my spiritual jigsaw puzz;e.

Until next time… draft

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