Shamanic Musings-The Call of the Web


By Earthwindwalker Powers

She heard the call of the drum that leads to her transformation…. a heartbeat deep within leading her to a sacred place. There were others around but she did not focus on them. She focused on her breath and her heartbeat, the words lost in the silence of the grass, in this place between the earth and the sky. A messenger appeared on the ground…. a spider with an 8 on his back appeared at her feet. She watched as the spider walked towards the east…. she followed him there to a grove of trees that beckoned. She sat at the edge of the grove and looked within, a pattern emerged as the trees breathed their song. Her eyes closed and images appeared, of spider legs creating a web within and around the trees. The spider spoke, her voice clear but firm. We are all connected in a web of life, each drop of water connects to the dirt beneath our feet, each blade of grass burst forth from this marriage of the two elements…. the strands sway grasping each breath of life and connecting to each other…a subtle tug responds in kind…the web wavers but stands firm becoming stronger. Prisms of color spring from within each life, subtle hues glistening in the sunlight. The wind blows through her hair, playfully caresses it and she feels reborn, her heart blooms and cries in delight as each strand of the web moves around her body. Soft but strong, yielding slightly as she moves her way through the branches and the roots of the trees. She is calm and content, in awe of the beauty of the mother. Her eyes fall to the pages in her hand, writing flows from her fingers, a picture emerges, the spider rests in the middle of the webs, cascades of red and gold flow from her chest spinning the threads that flows from her body and connects to the trees. The observer moves forward and becomes one with the grandmother, the pulse of life flows through her body and the web is woven, the strands streaming from her fingers which become legs and the silken touch of the web caresses her face. We are all one, we are all interwoven, our fates entwined. Fear should not enter your thoughts, young one, as you are protected by millions. Pinpricks of light fills your body with warmth. Peace is found there within the web of time, within the body of the weaver. She is the weaver of life and destiny, bound by the universe to create. Connections are made, but just a sliver, a silken caress of a dream fills your soul and calmness flows through you. You are the creator of your life, of your fate, the power is within you. Your soul has seen a thousand lifetimes, each one a little closer to the pattern of the universe, an awakening of the mind and body. You become the keeper of your story, the writer of your soul.  As she is filled with wonder and awe, she looks down onto the skin of the trees, to the fibers of paper, the words flow and a spider ally appears, tiny yet significant, a message given. She breathes in and shares her gratitude for the lesson. Onto the next adventure, her soul renewed and ready to begin this new weave in the tapestry of the web. Her heart soars and she becomes one with the universe.


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