Lucidity by Heather Powers

Sitting down here to write on paper,

I have captured these things that elude

Me and for a moment, I find utter clarity and


In the chaos of every day life, I seek

To find my inner peace.

I want to find my spiritual epiphany,

But that concept stalks away like a

Scorned lover.

The elusiveness puzzles and angers me

So much so that I find myself stagnant

In movement.

As I contemplate on the world today,

I feel sadness for the potential that has

Been misused and abused like a drug fix

Is to a junkie.

Mother Earth cries out in torment for what

Has been done to her and the few that know

can’t grasp the solution to the problem.

They just dance around the subject in an

Endless tango. coming back and moving away.

So here I am again wondering what part I play

In this big joke. What purpose do I share with the

Few that understand?

Isn’t that really what everyone’s ultimate question?

So as this scribbling ends, there is still no answer that

I can give.


Copyright-Heather Powers 2011





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