30 Day Magical Talisman Challenge-Day 17


I started tonight’s empowerment with prayer with Odin and my Ancestors as well as the Runevaettir. 

Then, I galdred Frigg, Odin, and Freya 3 times each. I’m not sure why the amount of times has changed but I went with it. My two girl fur babies joined me in my ritual tonight. They do this almost every time I do my empowerment rituals.


 photo IMG_20131207_212419_797_zps8493f954.jpg

 photo IMG_20131207_212431_048_zpse67cff70.jpg





Tonight’s music mix

Kate Rusby-Shoheen

Enya – Athair Ar Neamh

I have a couple of interesting things to note. My cat Olivia meowed with me when I galdred and then also looked around my room and checked the perimeter of my bed when the music was playing then came over and sat by me and meowed with the music as it was playing.


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