30 Day Talisman Challenge-Day 6

Day 6-Today I did a different ritual for my keys knowing that I won’t be home til late tomorrow. I was called to galdr as well as incorporate native American singing as well. I smudged my ritual space with sage and cedar blend first. Then I was told to burn my sun blend of incense. I then chose to play Seidr by Hagalaz Runedance. Next, I played Frigga’s Web by them as well. While playing Seidr, I was told to dance around in an intricate dance. I danced around in a circle 9 times moving the keys in a circular motion while doing so.

The next step was my galdr. I galdred Frigga first 9 times while holding the keys. The next galdr was Freya, 9 times. Last was Odin’s galdr 9 times. After galdring each, I placed the keys on my 3rd eye while visualizing doorways being opened and obstacles being removed.
I then waved the keys over the smoke from the incense.
Lastly, I was told to incorporate Peyote Healing Song by Robbie Robertson. I played the song while holding the keys in my hand. By this point, I am feeling presences in room with me and the keys are hot in my hand. I placed the keys in the rabbit fur and wrapped in the white bandana . This was the end of my ritual today.


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