30 Day Magical Talisman Challenge-Skeleton Key-Ritual Outline

Heather’s 30 Day Talisman Challenge-Skeleton Key

I read back through Andrieh’s site and realized I didn’t write up my original ritual.
I was encouraged to jump on board by James Stovall at The Wandering Owl and he suggested ideas for the talisman.
My talisman is going to be a skeleton key. I got the skeleton key from our local antiques shop. I chose to empower two keys. One key for myself and the other one for the person who will receive it at The Wandering Owl talisman exchange.
I follow the Northern Tradition and after meditating on my talisman I’ve decided to add Frigg/Freya/Odin into my empowerment ritual. My ritual usually consists of prayer, mantras, incense and music as well as meditation. I’ve also decided to incorporate my Native American traditions and will probably add shamanic music as well as drumming to the empowerment ritual. Other practices may come into play as the 30 days progress.

http://www.facebook.com/TheWanderingOwl and http://www.thewanderingowl.com


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