30 Day Magical Talisman Challenge-Day 2

Day 2-Today, I put my keys on purple hemp string and hung them outside on our special tree-my hubby first suggested it and then I felt that was right. Today we have a lot of wind energy and storm energy coming through our area. I spoke with my wind elemental who guides me and I requested help from Frigga/Freya and our tree spirit and landvaettir for temperance of the energy empowering the keys. I don’t want too much natural magick that it become uncontrollable. I also asked that the energy be only allowed to be used for goodwill and healing. Tonight I will probably go outside and ask Mother Moon for her counsel and assistance in empowering the keys. I feel the use of Full Moon energy is important as well.

I probably will talk to Mother Moon inside tonight. The wind and clouds are not conductive to meditation outside tonight.

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