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The Jaguar and The Owl Podcasts in order of recording

Hello everyone,

Here is The Jaguar & The Owl podcasts by one of my kindred, James Stovall, from The Wandering Owl. I’m guest starring in Episode 5

Please check it out:)


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Thoughts from Spirit 8/14/13

Thoughts from Spirit

Written by Heather Powers

Owl spreads his wings

Holds them to the sky

Says fly little one fly

He stands before the

Tree of sacred wood

The tree whispers

It’s in your blood

The tree shares much

The knowledge of the Olde

Flows through her veins

As a bright light blazes

Within her soul

The runes speak in song

Images flash in her mind’s eye

The learning has begun

Hold fast to the sun

Fly on the wind


Please do not copy what you did not write~~copyright Heather Powers 2013


The journey will now begin

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