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Ramblings of an Enlightened Mind-Rune Dance-4-10-13




I took the runes into my soul

And began the dance of fate

They spoke to me and

Told me their names

Faces unmasked as the world spun

My journey has just begun

Here comes the hands of fate

My name they spun

As they spoke

Rune master-keeper of the gate

Take the runes unto your breast

Whisper their names

Sing the songs of love and praise

24 spirits become one

With you weaving your fate

Become their maiden

And learn their secrets

Dance, sing, and give thanks

Gebo, a gift for a gift

That is the way of things

24 voices sing in unison

As the dance increases the pace

No easy path to take

But is it one you are willing to undertake?

Does your voice increase in tempo?

Make your heart race?

Do you feel as if you are part of something great??

Do you accept your fate?

The beauty is there waiting to be seen

The knowledge taught

Do you hear their voices?

Can you feel their song?

I answer as I must

Yes I accept my fate

My soul yearns to complete their dance

And sing their song

Magickal, mystical twists and turns

This path will have me take

I take them in my hands and spin

Round and round the tree

Laughter fills the air

And our voices sing!!



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