Shamanic Journey # 3 (3/11/13)

Shamanic Journey # 4  (3-11-13)

I sensed extra help was needed today. Went to my tree meditation and came up to my tree. Panther and wolf walked up to me and lay in their respective spots. Left for panther, right for wolf.

Freya came first in battle armor and said the battle has just begun and said you will need my help and proceeds to merge into me, Odin walks up and said my love you will need my help and merge into me.  Panther and Wolf are last to merge. Then we all walk together as one into a large battlefield, people are lying  in hospital beds.

You must get on your armor we say as one….we walk to the Ancestor fire. The biggest one I’ve ever seen and my ancestors are dancing around the fire as it grows higher to a deep drum beat resonating into my bones. The elder grandmother brings me my sword it grows immense and becomes heavier as I hold on it. The weight bears me down. Then I see the book and staff separate, glow and then come back together. Protect, heal, and teach, my elder grandmother said. My right hand fills with strength and my left hand with love and compassion until I glow and then I walk backwards from the fire back to the tree.

I fall back into the tree and move through the roots quickly until I come to the lake where I become a turtle then me again as the Lady of the Lake comes up from the water. I swim towards her and she lifts me up and says “The battle has just begun” and my whole body fills with peace love understanding compassion sorrow anger…let go of your pain and sorrow and purify yourself so you have strength for the battle. Pain and sorrow flow through me and from me into the water swirling around and down deep into mother earth. I swim back through the roots of the tree to the beginning tree and Freya and Odin say in chorus. We are here and we are one. I wake up to myself and Mister (my cat) is on my left.



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