It’s very late but I’ve got too much running thru my head. Have to get it all out.

The winds blows outside, gusty, vibrant, and full of power; much like my feelings at present

Wind walker is one of my names

I can only grasp why this name chose me, other than I walk the wind and as I walk the fury of it pounds against my skin like memories of who I was once.

You meet people-but I do in so many ways-it feels like I’m being pushed down paths beyond my control. I just don’t want to give in to destiny. I want to have some control in it.

Why do I meet certain people at certain times? Why do they show up when you think everything is fine and make you think different?

I can’t give my heart to everyone. Or maybe I can just not my soul. What one thinks of your soul maybe truly different? You can go on all day about soulmates but do your really truly have on somewhere else from where you are. Or is it your mind playing tricks on you? Giving you something more complex but really simple.

How can anything be simple with so many variables??

So I go with the flow and ride the wind and see where it takes me??

But I’m so afraid.


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