A idea inspired by a surreal dream~~~maybe horror isn’t so bad after all

Life on the run was hard on a girl like Willow, especially when it wasn’t the world she was born in. She was an ordinary girl who was thrust into an alternate world where horrors were around every corner and what you thought was real was perhaps only your imagination.. Lacking street smarts hurt her in the beginning but as time progressed she learned them the hard way. It all started when the world turned upside and inside out for her at a family reunion. Her family consisted of her mother who was raising her and her brother and sister alone because their no good dad cut out and run once she got pregnant with Thomas, Willow’s younger brother. Marissa the middle child was a wee thing, very frail and needing a lot of care. Lorelei, their mom was taking them to meet the rest of her family and hopefully find someone to take on the three kids while she earned her way to a better life for them. They found themselves at an old historic hotel. Everything appeared to be usual until she met 3 young girls about her age who took her on a freaky ride into crazyland.


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