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The Storyteller’s Tale

Okay all my beautiful butterflies, off to dance with the dream wizards. Their constant yammering drives me crazy. It’s a lot like my muse who grasps my hand then lets go leading me on a merry chase across the land of imagination:

These sentences inspired a poem.

There once was a tale that a traveler spoke
Of a land where the dream wizards float
in a castle way up high
Where only butterflies know how to fly
Their constant yammering drove some folk
To grasp and pen and write
The muse leads them on a merry chase
across the land of imagination.
What one finds is never known but the
latest one spoke of two princesses who
wandered by a meadow of butterflies
They giggled with delight as they
soared in flight
Dancing in the moonlight.
This tale is very well known
to storytellers every night.


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Ghostly Visitor

Story written for Voices from the Beyond Anthology set to be published later this year.

In a time not too long ago, a young woman became aware of her remarkable abilities, when she was visited by a ghost. One evening, the young woman lay in her bed, just falling into her dream state, when she was awakened by the ticking of a clock. She was confused as she didn’t have a clock that ticked loudly. She sat up in her bed and was pulled into a hospital room. Walls of white surrounded the room, a ticking clock, and a figure in a hospital bed, appeared vividly around her. Shallow breathing and the sound of a slow beating heart filled her ears, she looked over at the figure on the bed. A familiar voice sounded to her left as she walked towards to the bed. “Hello toots, don’t look at the bed, look at me instead. I would rather you remember me like this instead of that. I just wanted to say I love you.” She spoke softly to her paternal grandfather, “Why? Are you leaving?” He said, “ Not entirely, to others maybe yes but not to you. I’ll always be with you no matter how many years go by. You have some gifts that you will learn in time. I know how upset you have been since I’ve gotten sick but wanted to let you know that it will be okay. Everyone will hold my memory in their hearts but you will hold me in your spirit.” He looked at the ticking clock and said, “Well toots, it’s time for me to leave this plane. I love you and always will.” The sound of the ticking clock slowed down and the time stopped at 11:17 and she found herself back in her bed with tears flowing from her eyes and said to the empty air, “Goodbye grandpa.”

The time moved as it usually does, and the young woman eventually divorced and moved on with her oldest daughter. They lived without incident for a few years. Until the woman married again and moved to a house with a dark past. Her and her new husband were sitting watching television one evening when her oldest daughter walked downstairs. The woman asked her daughter “What are you doing out of bed?” Her daughter said sleepily, “An old woman is by my bed talking to me and she won’t let me sleep.” She told her daughter, “Tell her you need your rest and you will see her tomorrow.” Her daughter said “okay” and proceeded to walk around in a circle and then go back up to her room. That same ghostly woman would be seen by all 3 of the children’s bedside at different times in the future. These were some of the many incidents that would happen in that house. Little did the woman know the dark house wasn’t finished with her quite yet.

The young woman, her husband, and his two cousins decided they wanted to do a séance. They sat together in a circle, hands clasped, and chanted. They were not fully ready for what would happen in the next few weeks due to that séance. The candle flame in the center flickered and danced as the words flowed carelessly from their lips. The woman having been gifted with the “sight”, found herself feeling very worn and decided to close her eyes as the flame leaped higher. As the words were spoken, the woman felt very peculiar. The others not knowing she wasn’t fully awake, listened as a raspy voice spoke from her trembling lips, “What do you hope to find seekers?” One of the cousins, boldly said, “Who are you?” . An evil laugh came and the voice then said, “Who I am doesn’t matter as long as you get the answers you seek.” The young woman’s husband came to his senses and realized they shouldn’t be speaking to this thing that spoke through his wife and said “We don’t need any knowledge you have to give.” and fearfully told the others, “This isn’t right, let’s close the circle and get that thing out of her.” So the party grasped hands once again and chanted the closing words, but not before the thing inside of the young woman, cackled madly, “I’m not really gone, I’ll be back.”

The young woman came back to herself only just remembering part of the experience. She felt secure in her otherworldly knowledge and mistakenly thought she and her group had banished the intruding entity.

Time passed without incident until the young woman got pregnant with her youngest child and was asleep on the couch one day when she felt a strong pressure on top of her chest. She woke up, heart pounding in fear, and tried to get up from the couch. She failed because of that unrelenting pressure. She lay there helpless as an insidious laughter entered into her mind. She finally called upon her inner light and banished the entity away. She would later find out this was only a temporary solution.

A few weeks later, the woman and her husband were driving late one night, and on the side of the darkened highway, they came upon a ghostly figure. The woman grew fearful as they drew closer to the figure, her heart filling with dread. The figure was in a long white dress, with her head down, long hair covering her face as she hovered over the road.

The woman grew hysterical and told her husband that they needed to turn around. Her husband who was experiencing creepy feelings himself, tried to turn the car around but found that it wouldn’t obey and slowed down as it came closer to the figure. The figure turned her head and the young woman froze in horror as a face emerged from the strands of hair. With eyes stitched shut and a mouth froze in an eternal scream, she turned in their direction.

The young woman instantly felt her blood turning to ice and the ghostly figure raised her hand and pointed into her direction and rasped,

I’m back, vessel, did you miss me??’ At that moment, a foreign presence forcefully entered her body and immediately took control. She lay paralyzed, fighting for control of her mind and spirit, when another presence entered her mind and spoke powerfully to the invading entity, “Begone demon, leave my grandchild alone, you will not take her light!” The entity screamed as she felt its parasitic darkness leave her body. The strong voice that had helped her said softly in her mind, “Hello toots, let this be a lesson, gain knowledge before you play with darkness or darkness will play with you. I’ll always be here with you if you need me.” A sense of peace came over the young woman and she spoke with tears in her eyes, “Thanks grandpa, I love you.”

These incidents along with many others, spurned the young woman into learning about the metaphysical plane and her own spiritual inner power. She is now a teacher of arcane knowledge as well as a seeker of it.

Heather Powers


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