A Spiritual Rebirth

Been awhile since I blogged on my journal site but wanted to write about our amazing experience yesterday. We went to
Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve for their annual Spring Rendezvous. We didn’t have the money to stay this time but went in as “flatlanders” to visit our spiritual family there. I’ve spoken about this place before many times. We considered it our second home for many years. Then chaotic energy formed there and it wasn’t so peaceful anymore. Now that we have went back, the energy has been restored and I now call it home again. I have been dealing with a lot of inner turmoil lately with my oldest child and my energy has not been very positive, the minute I set foot on the preserve peace returned and I was able to think without pain and hurt and everything was as it should be. Our family camps there every year and you could feel the immense love everyone shared for one another. Yesterday, we seen kids playing outside, running and laughing and you never realize how much of the modern world and conveniences overrun your life until you see simplicity like that. Eases my heart and soul to see that and gives me hope for the future. There was a memorial ceremony for one of our dear family that has passed away and native drummers sent his soul to the creator. It was very peaceful listening to the mother drum. She stirs my soul like nothing ever really has. Later in the evening, we had council fire. This was my first one and a very spiritual one for me. I spoke my heart as Grandfather walked the circle and then he gave me my spiritual name. The energy was awesome and I walked away from the circle fire as a renewed spirit. My soul at balance once again. And the one thing that stays with me is the whisper of the wind that said “it will be alright”. The tears flowed cleansing me of the pain and hurt that I’ve been going through the last month. I touched the moon and stars and came back as a new person.
As always,
Heather (Earthwindwalker) Powers


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4 responses to “A Spiritual Rebirth

  1. Oh Gentle Sister! It gladdens my heart to know that you have again found that connectedness to our Creator Spirit! I think we are lost without it and while it's so simple to place ourselves back in nature and focus on the four basic elements that have been with us from the beginning of time, we rarely remember to do it in our own daily lives. You've reminded me of my own need to reconnect and for that I thank you!

  2. Oh Heather,I am glad you have re-connected and found some peace. Your right the outside busy day to day can get in the way of what really matters most. I hope you continue to find your inner center and remember I am always here if you need me. Your Sister Nat

  3. I've always wanted to go there; however, my fiance is actually allergic to buffalo, of all things. That's a bit off topic, though, I'm glad you had such a great experience!

  4. Hi, Heather. I've followed both sites. Fascinating trip. We may have a common background, though mine is a little further removed. My grandfather used to tell us that back in the 1600s in what is now Maine a white man married a Native American Indian woman, and for some reason the tribe called him Great One. Our family retained the name, but over the years we lost the second "e." Don't know if it's true…but everyone always remembers my name after that 🙂

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