8/21/10 Inspirations from The Pagan Norse

Ramblings inspired by the video Pagan Norse….

I’m again finding myself learning another piece to my path…it comes to me in jagged pieces. Perhaps, I will eventually finish this jigsaw of my spiritual life. I was online for some reason and was drawn to this video Pagan Norse. Now I’m sure some of you are knowledgeable about the Norse gods and goddesses. I wouldn’t go as far as say I would worship these gods and goddesses because I don’t go for the whole god and goddesses ideals. I think they were legends from long ago that through people’s perceptions have made them into gods. I would venture to say spirit guides of sorts. Many years ago I was drawn to the Norse mythology and find myself again back to this circle. I was specially interested in Freya and I like the thought of Valkyries. At one time, I felt a feminine energy that I felt reminded me of Freya’s energy..I think she is still with me but in the background with everyone else that help me along with my path. I was talking to another friend about this phenomenon and he said maybe my true self was coming to life. The old ways are part of me very much so. A lot of things I agree with are on this line.

My family is Finnish/Scandinavian in origins so when I hear music along this idea I feel a deep resonance inside me..like I’m closer to finding the next piece in my spiritual jigsaw.

So moving forward I’m going to check more into the Finnish beliefs and so forth and see if I can find more pieces to fit.

Feel free to comment on this post as I’m interested in hearing other people’s opinions on my spiritual jigsaw puzz;e.

Until next time… draft


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