8/14/10 Dream Ramblings



Today’s blog is about one of my dreams I had. I forgot to write it down in detail today when I woke but I remember most of it.

For some reason, I was at a different house. Let me describe the house and then go on to my experiences there.

Looking out, we had a long rectangle of windows that opened like patio doors. There was those curtains that are specifically for patio doors long and in strips and you can move them open and close. The backyard had a deck and in one section a small inground pool to the left and to the right there was a grove of trees. Further back there was a privacy fences all around. I wish I could describe in further detail but this is all I remember. I remember hearing a sound and going to the back doors and looking out. In the grove of trees there were large humanoid figures dancing around the trees and hold onto something while chanting.

In the center of the trees there was a little garden and it had fairies flitting around. I remember being entranced in this dream but a little scared. Like I was seeing something normal people don’t see. Then this overwhelming fear of something coming and I was filled dread. The scene around me got dark like night suddenly came. And I remember seeing that the humanoid shapes weren’t around the trees anymore.

I feel myself going to the patio door windows and locking them all and drawing the curtains closed and the feeling I had to find this book of something that would stop the oncoming darkness and it was in this house in a secret passageway. My cat Olivia woke me from this dream once then I fell back into the dream and finally my cat came up to me and nudged me awake further. At that point, I got up out of bed and was awake.

I’ve seen different glimpses of things in my dreams before but this was a new one even for me. What message was I being given in this dream? Perhaps a key to unlocking my gifts and my destiny. A new book idea showing up. I really don’t know but I’m intrigued now. I haven’t dreamed so vividly and frequently for some time.

Any one else have dreams or out of the ordinary experiences to share??

Peace, love, and balance to all of you who take the time to read my ramblings.

Until next time…..


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  1. LINN

    the statement “Like I was seeing something normal people don’t see ” indicates you Realize you are a bit Different (yes, I am, too) . The Idea that the Fae live in a different reality has been around since stories of them began…. the Concept of different deminsions is backed up by scientific thought. It could be that you are getting Wee Peeks into the Other World.

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