Ramblings for 8/3/10



My randomness for today:

When we were camping, I looked at my old documents and found a story idea that I started working on. I pulled it out and looked at it to see where else I can go with it. Ended up writing another paragraph. My muse is being very sporadic on this story so it may take a while to get this finished. I’m much better at poetry. But my story idea started to roll again and we will see where it leads me.

Have you ever felt alone when you aren’t really alone. Some days I feel like that. I started today in a good mood. Now I’m just meh…don’t know what is wrong with me today. One of my moody days I suppose.

I guess I’m a little worried about the whole school starting again and trying to get back on schedule with everything and having the kids here all the time. It will work itself out of my system but today it’s hanging in there.

I at least, get a week where I have no kids, so I can truly relax and get myself going with the school schedule.

I’m also upset about a certain situation and it’s been bugging me continuously. I’m not going to go into detail here but if anyone wants to talk about it, drop me a message.

Well that is my randomness for today.

Until next time….


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