7/29/10 1st Day of Lake Erie Camping Trip


7/29/10 Journey to Lake Erie Islands

Been awhile since I’ve last wrote in my blog. I felt lost without writing stuff. I need one of those writer block tools to start crazy stories or something. Who knows I may actually work on one of my old manuscripts.

We are taking our family trip to Lake Erie Islands to East Harbor State Park campground. We rented a cabin there and also brought a tent so the girls can have some space.

What randomness shall I write about today. Well let’s start with something mundane. We decided to rent a mini van because our car doesn’t have any working air conditioning and the kids are packed tight in the back seat. The rental van we got was a 2008 Dodge Caravan. Really nice. Very comfortable ride and drive. Wish I had the money to get this but alas not in the cards for me until Ry finds work again.

Another dealer in town has a pacifica we love but it’s almost 12 grand. A bit over our budget right now. My car is on it’s last leg. The two front tires are bald and showing the belts and shocks are very bad. So we are down to one car again.. That’s fine for now until Ry gets work.

Okay onto the next random subject. When I was browsing online last nigh, I came across a hidden side to one of my long time friends. Not in a bad way. One of my best friends from high school starting posting videos of herself singing. What was interesting I found out that her singing voice is very different from her speaking voice. She sings beautifully with a little more polish she will work wonders. I think she needs to try out for America’s Got Talent next year.

What other randomness to write about….hmmm.

Listening to hubby mp3 player in here and got a really good tune playing makes me want to dance.

Beautiful day out today. ..a little hot but will work out as soon as we get to the campground, we will be hitting the beach and taking in an evening swim. My exercise for the day.:)

That’s about all for now…..

until next time…


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