For Knowledge Seekers. Here is a starting point.

Greetings campers;

This is inspired by questions a newfound friend of mine was pondering. This blog is mainly wrote for the newbie who doesn’t know much about spiritual things. If you are an expert in this, please share your thoughts and comments so we can further help knowledge seekers. I as a knowledge seeker myself,  am cautious about where I learn my lessons from. Also always question your teachers or mentors. Don’t take everything they say as gospel. Because there are a lot of nutjobs and people who take advantage of vulnerable people. Here is a starting point:

This is a start but I also want to know what you are drawn to in religion wise.

Your first step is to see where you are at religion wise.

Do a search on the web.

Here are some things to look at:

Do you believe in the God/Goddess aspect?

Do you believe in animal totems.?

Do you like Egyptian things?

Do you like to write spells and work with God/Goddess aspect?

Do you like animal totems?

Do you like the Norse deities?

Greek god and goddesses?

Druidism? Do you like trees?

Do you like runes?

Do you believe in God?




Kitchen Witchery?


And the list goes on.

 Next, look at your gifts you have. Myself I have precognitive abilities, tarot card reading, a bit of palmistry, soul healing, spirit contact. 

 Do research into those things. But I want to tell you to use this with caution. People will tell you anything. Don’t believe everything you read or heard. Always question the people who are telling you things.  I’ve spoken to a lot of nut-jobs who think they are the next messiah.

So move forward on these things and let me know what you find and what you are drawn to.

One good website to start with is

Please comment and add to this beginning lesson if you would like.

Peace and balance,

Heather Powers


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