Day at Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve 6/13/10


Home and the Preserve:)

today was the last day of our vacation and we decided to go to the preserve to see the other half of our family…They had a 1800s encampment. We hung around and talked to all the people at the rendezvous. Met some people that I’m friends with on face book through Kelly and Jess. Nice to meet you in person Gary and Bear Paw and all the rest. Actually got an opportunity to touch Kichi today. She is so soft and just let me stroke her cheek and back. Awesome feeling to end an awesome vacation.

Back to the grindstone in the morning, wonder how much work I’ll have piled up.

Well nothing too earthshaking to write today. I will write the church blog tomorrow with the continuation of animal symbolism.

Until next blog….


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