Chicago Home Trip 6/12/10

6/12/10 Evening somewhere between Chicago and Ohio

Today’s adventure was very cool. All sorts of cool messages appearing all around us. We got to Chicago late but still pretty early. We walked around the station a bit to see what we wanted to do. We decided to take a water taxi and go to navy pier. Navy Pier was pretty cool. We were right by the lake. We ended up having a little visitor. A dragonfly flew up and first landed on Ry’s finger and then Ry put him on my finger. He ended up chilling on my finger for awhile. Then he flew up and gave me a kiss on my nose and flew away. Very cool experience. I must ask grandfather the animal symbolism in my dream and the dragonfly encounter.

The train is very bumpy this ride. I doubt that I will be able to sleep on this leg.

I loved my vacation but I miss my home and I miss my cats.

Tomorrow we are going to the preserve and visiting with all our family there. I will be very nice. I miss them terribly. They are having the 1800 rendezvous this weekend. So double fun.

Well I’m going to close now because i’m feeling a little tired.

Until next post….


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