Missouri Day 3-Afternoon


Day Three of Missouri trip.

We just got back from the St Louis zoo. Lot of interesting animals. The ones that most struck my eyes were the komodo dragon and the

big cats as always. We are going to see the St Louis Arch tonight and then probably head back to my uncles house for spiritual discussion that we started to have last night. There is a weird energy that me and Ryan have both felt behind uncle bill’s house. We even caught a pic of it. He has been doing well keeping the energy at bay. It’s not a positive energy that I can tell you but negative. The kind of negative that makes my eyes water and my hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Looks like we may have some rain coming tonight. I love rain so soothing and calming. Cleansing.

Oh I bought myself a new tarot deck…beautiful deck..it called to me in the metaphysical shop here so I had to buy it. I think that my sisters Tina and Heather will love it. We also stocked up on my incense supplies. I like the shop here but I have other ideas for our future spiritual/tea shop. They do have an awesome bulk spice shop here that gave me an initial idea for our future store in the first place.

Ry and I like the area here and may consider moving here in the future but we shall see.

Until next post….


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