Missouri Day 2-Morning


Missouri Day 2-Morning

hello fellow travelers of this crazy life. I’m the first one up today and am enjoying my quiet time. My uncle is at work til 330 pm so the hubby and daughter and I are going to see some of the local sites today in St Charles. Tomorrow is St Louis.

I’m currently sitting on my uncles back porch enjoying the sounds of nature. Birds singing. Bumblebees buzzing.

This is what I need some R & R. Perhaps come back into myself. My wild nature side. The one who is just on the surface and who waits for the right atmosphere to come out and play. My uncle’s house always relaxes me. Very earthy feeling and comfortable. Like I could stay.

Yesterday was a long trip on the train but was relaxing itself as soon as I got over the initial tension that I always get when I travel outside my comfort zone. But that is over and now it’s time for the relaxing to commence.

As I sit here, I think about our new church and wonder where it will all go. I hope it leads to good things and we get many lost people who find their spiritual home with us. This is what “church” is all about to me. A community of like minded individuals who can follow their respective paths without censure or scorn. I feel the energy there just waiting for a release. So please do take time to look at the church page and our blog. And feel free to add your thoughts and discussions to our board. The wheels are turning so to speak and it’s up to you and me to keep it moving.

Enough of that soapbox….not onto our plans for today.

I think we are going to take in some local sites. They have a historical main st in downtown St charles that has a lot of interesting architecture and concepts that I’m going to enjoy walking through. I hope to take many pictures and post them onto my facebook page.

Until next post….


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