Chicago Train Station 6-9-10

6/9/10 11:06 AM

At present, we are at the Chicago train station waiting for our train at 1:45 pm. The train ride was comfortable and very nice ride. Though the scenery left a lot to be desired but I think if you went West like my mom is doing you will see a lot of beautiful countryside. Next up is our ride to Missouri which will take about 5 hours. Ryan said something about getting some sleep. We will see. Everyone is excited. I’m more comfortable now that we made our first leg of the trip. Everything is so expensive here in the city and really opens your eyes about small town living. We were eating and a beggar came up to us and asked for money. It was a guy about our age and he had a sweatshirt covering his back pockets to hide his wallet. I’m glad I don’t trust easily. It always helps to be cautious in new surroundings. I’m having diffuculty getting internet access here at the station even with the free wi fi…the overload of everyone is probably not helping. Cassie and Ryan are listening to their tunes as I sit here and write.

Until my next post….


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