The Witche’s Call-Shared from “Woman-Charms: A Litany” by Morgan McFarland

“The Witches Call”

I am the white dove who seven times flees.

I am pure and fleet, for I know capture is death to my soul

I am the gray flood on which the boat is tossed.

I ebb, and I flow, and my water is uneasy.

I am the violent wind that stirs the depths.

I rise up from my uneasy slumber.

I am the sun spike rippling through the clouds.

I shall give forth the pure ray of reality.

I am the bird of prey, protecting her brood.

I am cunning and canny to give shelter to my children.

I am the night-crow of battle.

I guard my boundaries and seek the enemy in his corners.

I am the fire-forged sword whose blade gleams pure.

I strike in defense, and leave my foes in terror.

I am wise as the salmon in the holy pool.

I feed on the hazelnut that spells the Wicca lore.

I am the snake who burns with the fires of creativity.

I give inspiration to those who seek me.

I am the hound that runs by Diana’s side.

I bring my prey down quickly, proving my place.

I am the rose that blooms in the Garden.

I am beautiful, and my thorns give defense.

I am the thicket that hides fox and stag alike.

I shelter the children of my Mother.

I am the thunder that splits the night.

My voice calls with power into the universe.

I am the doorway through which life flows.

My womb opens to bring the children of the future.

I am the Priestess who comforts and calls.

I am my Mother’s Daughter.

Hear me call my name. I am woman. I am witch.

Adapted from “Woman-Charms: A Litany” by Morgan McFarland


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