Ramblings 5/5/10


This is for all my pagan/witchy friends:)

I experienced a metaphysical surreal moment today. Last night my furkid Olivia hurt her right back leg in a chair. Today I experienced pain in my leg in about the same area for no apparent reason. I always believed in familiars but this truly opened my eyes. She has also brought me into her dreams which I find fascinating. This just makes me feel so much better to get confirmation on my belief systems. I’m not Wicca nor am I a witch but I do lean towards the native American shamanism belief system and this includes animal spirit guides. That’s something I truly believe. I think all animals have a soul and that you can hear them speak to you if you open your mind and your ears. I don’t have any particular mold that I believe in. I just take what makes sense to me and incorporate it into my belief system so it’s basically a hodgepodge of different aspects of spiritual beliefs.
I also have an open mind on other people’s belief systems and always like to learn more. Knowledge is power and necessary for what life throws at you.
So feel free to comment or tell me your belief systems…I don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Peace, love, and carrots:)


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