Ramblings and Ponderings

So today I was thinking how blessed I am to have great friends and family..They are always there when I need them 🙂 And this leads me to ponder why people are drawn to me. I and the hubby got into a discussion about this very thing. He says to me he doesn’t know why people are drawn to me, they just are. It’s just my charisma I guess. I don’t see myself as anything special but the people around me do. I simply am me. I act on instinct and that’s about itJ I feel very grounded and centered when I’m around certain people. Some days I feel that I am an amplifier for people’s light. Everyone has a light within and I just seem to find it no matter how dark they seem. I’ve pondered this many times as well and seem to come to an epiphany almost. I trust someday it will all come to me but by then, I will probably have gray hair and more wrinkles. Patience isn’t my best virtue but I seem to be patient when I need to be. So I guess that is what counts. So I’m going to open this blog and ask everyone. Why are you drawn to me? I’m curiousJ



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