Free Flow Ramblings

Free flowing thoughts fill my mind.
Friends stirred into the mix.
Just masks, hiding inner demons.
Hurting hands…taking and not giving
Chances given and then wasted
Trust given freely and abused unjustly.
Knots created with hard solutions.
Sadness and pain
Betrayal and darkness fills the space.
Positive thoughts flow inside.
Hard answers given.
Strength completes the circle.
New additions clear the clouds.
Sun breaks through.
True faces are shown.
Hearts are given to build a new bridge.
Hard answers become easy solutions then.
New beginnings from old endings.

This was written because events in my life have caused me to reevaluate my connections to people. New beginnings are being forged as we speak. And true friends come out from the shadows.
Hearts are broken but mended. And everything balances out again.
I thank the Creator for small blessings that fill my life. Cleansing and purging of old ideals is the pathway to my inner happiness it seems. Thanks for the true ones. The bright flowers that prevail in my life and bring sunshine. Thanks G, B, J, K.


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