My thoughts on writing

Poetry to me is the short version of your life story…for me if I don’t write my muse won’t let me rest.
Inspiration comes to me in many forms….a moonbeam, a dancing child, a cat batting a toy, a quote.
Just about anything comes to mind. I have times where I lost my voice and I still feel my muse touching my soul wanting me to write. Things are looking better for my voice now…so many new friends I’ve met who are writers who inspire me to keep writing.
Write for the bliss…follow your dream.. I’m not in this for money or glory. I’m in it to satisfy my muse and to stop the randomness in my head.
Criticism is fine as long as it’s well intentioned. And you will have shitty critics sometimes. You just got to get up off the floor and dust off your jeans and write. If you are a writer, you know what I mean…words on paper are healing, revealing, and sometimes just plain ranting….but you got to write it.
Perhaps sometimes after the hands of age pass…someone will find your random poem and it will inspire them to follow their muse. it’s basically your autobiography etched by pen.

Peace and balance,…may all your dreams find you..



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