My weekend excursion

Here is the photo gallery of my excursion. Below you will find part of my journal entry.

As I sit on this bed with buffalo hide at my feet. I feel at peace and relaxed as I always do here. The energy here is so earthy and natural it feels just like home in a primal instinct.
I dreamed last night as I always do with the hide covering my feet.
The fireplace here is so inviting and you see the fire elementals dancing around in the flames.
The birds are plentiful but oh so camera shy.
The soothing music plays gently in the background as it relaxes me.
We are going for a ride today on the horses its still quite nippy but I’ve layered myself today. 3 pairs of socks, 3 shirts, sweats over jeans and I don’t feel silly at all just practical. Practical and simple.
I still feel disconnected to things here and am amazed at the knowledge & llove of the people here. I need to come here more often and become more connected. This steps outside of the bounds of my normal comfort zone but I feel it will refresh and revitalize me in the long run. I need this in my llife and perhaps my other faults will melt away and I will become a different person-the person I really should be.
There is so much I don’t know and I want to learn, my thirst for knowledge is whetted once again each time more so as I come here. I’ve been away far too long.
I will close for now and will write more as my experience today increases.

Now for my final words from today.
8:45 pm
I rode Polly today on the trail. She is a different horse with a different tempermant than Lumpy my first experience. She is so beautiful. She wanted to trot today and enjoy some of the sunshine it was all I could do to keep her paced but Gerry said I was good. So exhilerating and I rode in a different season. So much to see in every season. We have been here spring, summer, fall and winter and each time amazes me in its beauty.
I can’t wait to see the babies this spring. That’s always so exciting.Today we went by ourselves with Three Paws on a buffalo tour and as each time we have gone out by ourselves on the tour the people embraced us and accepted us & came closer to the the truck. One little bull put his paws on the back of the truck like he wanted to climb in. Their eyes are so soulful you just want to cry looking at them.
After the tour, my day was made when Three Paws said we were welcome as long as he was there because he considers us family. I can’t begin to describe the feeling that came over me when he said that. Just made me want to hug him. And Gerry is just the same. I can always count on her to warm my heart and stimulate me with interesting conversations. They are just beautiful people and they are two of the greatest people I know and I don’t make these observations lightly. I don’t trust easily but they have found their way into my heart and there they will stay.
The weekend was just so awesome and just what I needed.
Much love and happiness,
Me. (Earth Wind Walker)


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