Inspirations of Love by Heather Powers

Just a little something I wrote for my love the other night…enjoy.

I was feeling creative and inspired.

As the night draws to a close,
I think of you in my arms….
I miss you my love as I sleep
in our bed..dreaming of all the
sweet everythings that we’ve said..
You are my sunshine
You are my rain…
You bring me back to myself..
When I’m lost and afraid…
I’m so happy you are with me
in this woven tapestry of life…
So much to discover…as our
future unfolds…
I wrap my arms around you in my
dreams and blow you sweet kisses
as you breathe.
I love you always and forever…
That will never change…
Our lives may evolve but you will
always be there with me as we
go through our changes and chase
our dreams.
So now I close these words of love.
And kiss you once more.
I will see you in the morn

Written By Heather P.

Copyright 4/07


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