Just some reflections

As I sit back here and look at my blog and my friends list. I smile at how much time I’ve known some people on here….I have more online than real life friends and I’ve only met a scarce few. Each meeting wasn’t a disappointment. I learned from each and everyone. I met my husband online here almost two years ago and we are farther along than I ever would imagine possible. It amazes me the hearts you touch online. Sure there are some bad apples but the good apples outweigh the bad apples. As I told another friend of mine, everyone has the potential for good or evil just a matter of circumstance and perception. What one finds evil other may find good. Does someone who speaks out for themselves and their beliefs define one perception of evil?? So I’ve gone off on another tangent …so much like my ADD personality. But I find that what flows from ones keyboard inspires others to think for themselves and create their own beauty.
Have I lost you yet?? hehe. Anyone who knows me knows my penchant for off the topic tangents 🙂 Oh well you either love me or hate me. I don’t care. At one time I did. I don’t any longer. I speak and write what moves me or enlightens me even if others disagree with my views.
Back to my original topic, I thank fate for her hand in my friendships on here and in real life. The real friend is someone who loves you for you and who you are no matter how bad or off the wall you are 🙂 Everyone has flaws..if we were all perfect it would be very boring..there would be no diversity. The key to knowing a person’s flaws is seeing the inner light in them no matter how dim.
One of my gifts or curses is to see one’s inner light and believe me some lights are dim or stifled but they are there, the key is finding it and setting it free!! I should have been a psychologist….oh well.
Well everyone I’m off to make friends with my pillows.
Peace and balance,


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