Another one for you Mr Silly Frog

here is one wrote 12/4/04 during a meditation
meadowland sitting indian style

outside a cave
w/fire going
a wolf pads up

freedom from restraint
patience solid as a rock
knowledge gained in the process
let go of inhibitions
the flames give their truth look into them and let go of your fears
heal spirit your spirit is in pain
free yourself from your mental restraints
sometimes clarity comes w/a price
you never lose me little one i’m always here
sometimes you choose to keep your ears shut

now.. for the poem for my soulmate.

something in your eyes
i can’t quite see
you are a mask to me
a beautiful light
in the darkness
a way to ease the pain
your sadness
my tears
your pain
my fears
such emotion would fill an ocean
I love you my dear.
so take my hand and hold me dear
brown eyes mystery to me
such defiance
wanting to be seen
what you dream is not as hard as it seems
i am beginning to understand what you demand
such focus you seek
let me take a peek
energy revitalized
bringing us the prize.

I love you>>you are my heart


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