Another piece of me>>:)

Not my best but it wouldn’t let me rest
Hope you enjoy it 🙂

By Heather Patrick
This pen is my knife
with each stroke
I bleed another piece of me
with each word, i purge the
pain out of me
with each sentence- I create
another place, another dream
With each paragraph
Another piece of me is bared
With each chaper, I bring you
closer to the real me
In this place, barriers come crashing down
and doors are thrown open
And everyone gets a glimpse of the magic
Step into my world, my labor of love
A melody that plays from my soul with
each turn of the page
Drift away from your problems for awhile
And smile, just for an instant
As you make your journey
Closer to me
if you can do this with my words,
then i’ve accomplished what i desire most.
to make you feel what i feel. and
to know what i know


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