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Love bittersweet it is.

As I sit here struggling to write what is in my heart, I can’t help but think of you. I just wanted you to know how I feel about you and that I can’t help my feelings for you. And that I’m sorry because of the pain I know you feel. Love at first sight is real…especially when you have known someone before.

Thoughts have been running thru my head all day today, here are a few…

One look

I knew

I spent another lifetime with you.

Your voice once spoken

Resonates deep within my soul

An old familiarity…

My soul you captured upon your breath

A long time ago

Waiting for that moment to find me once again

Thru the labyrinth of years to that one moment

When I touched my soul with yours

The bittersweet pain takes me over

Knowing how hard things will be to touch once again.

Too many things in the way

Too many lives in the mix

But I love you this I know

Love is such a powerful word that means so much

Hurts so much

So for you my love know that my heart waits for that moment

When I can let everything go and meet you in this dance of spirit

You are my soul and because of this, I will never let you go.

I’m always here, even if the miles and this life separate us.

I know that you are always there with me waiting to touch once again.

So I know what this opens for you. But I have to write it down otherwise I will not be able to take it….let go the floodgates of my thoughts so you understand how I feel. And that I understand how you feel to.

All my love,



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Song of Sorrow

I was depressed today and started thinking of my grandpa…
so i dragged this out of my archives.
This is for you grandpa. I love you and miss you still:)

Song of Sorrow
By Heather Patrick

I sing a song of sorrow
I sing a song of pain
I sing a song for grandpa
As he leaves this earthly plane.
I sing a song upon the wind
To carry him gently on his way
I sing a song for yesterday
As I sing a song for today.

I sing a song of memory
As he slowly fades away
I sing a song of laughter
To ease the pain it brings.
And hope that he can hear me
As he rides upon the wind.

I sing a song of love
The magic that it brings
And make a wish upon it
So I can have wings
To touch him as he passes me
along his way.

I sing a song of death
Knowing that it’s all okay.
It’s just another road
In his journey
Just another gateway.
From today.

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Another piece of me>>:)

Not my best but it wouldn’t let me rest
Hope you enjoy it 🙂

By Heather Patrick
This pen is my knife
with each stroke
I bleed another piece of me
with each word, i purge the
pain out of me
with each sentence- I create
another place, another dream
With each paragraph
Another piece of me is bared
With each chaper, I bring you
closer to the real me
In this place, barriers come crashing down
and doors are thrown open
And everyone gets a glimpse of the magic
Step into my world, my labor of love
A melody that plays from my soul with
each turn of the page
Drift away from your problems for awhile
And smile, just for an instant
As you make your journey
Closer to me
if you can do this with my words,
then i’ve accomplished what i desire most.
to make you feel what i feel. and
to know what i know

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Strange Madness

Strange madness

By heather patrick

Deep, penetrating eyes looking into my soul

Baring my inner feelings for the world to see.

Submerging me in ecstasy.

What trance am I in??
What dance did I begin?

One simple stare

Brought me there.

Why can�t I resist the animal magnetism,

The primal intensity.

The raw power overwhelms me.

Embracing me in its dark dance.

Lust filled thoughts sending me over the edge.

Does he feel the same for me or is it all a dream?

IF this is self induced madness,

Never bring me into sanity.

The crooked path opens..

Twisting and turning, where does it lead??

I take a step and

Let the truth be laid bare

and take myself there.

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Okay my second blog on here 😉 Enjoy everyone

Current mood: artistic



(Excerpt from journal entry dated 7/22/04)

The words on the paper

Tell a story.

A painting of one�s inner soul or


Whatever manifestation

It shows.

A brush stroke of painted words.

Every stroke a different line.

A labor of love

What comes from the pen?

May be sheer nonsense

Or it may make perfect sense.

What causes the artist to pause?

What is missing

From the paragraph

What hidden codes

Lie between the letters.

I ask this question every day to myself.

And as I do this,

Fragments of consciousness form.

Where do these come from??

My own private muse who comes at her whim.

Is it my inner self bared to the masses,

Naked to all?

I stumble around in the dark finding meaning to

This painting called my life.

A rut in the road is just a block I devised to protect

Myself from the one who wants to embrace me.

Who sleeps deep within my psyche.

Some days I feel old, I feel like an old woman who

Finds she has lost what she holds most dear and the

Years go by.

The older you get the faster time flies.

Your kids become adults leaving you to wonder

Where your baby you carried lovingly in your womb

Has gone.

These are just thoughts of a wearied mind. Tired of

Answering my own riddles seeking clarity

Wherever life leads me.

With this line I close this entry for the day.

Heather Patrick

Akeron Mystique

The wolf whispers her profound secrets of simplicity.

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